Several home stores drop MyPillow products of pro-Trump Mike Lindell [Video]


  • Various home stores, such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s, will stop selling MyPillow items.
  • The decision was apparently due to the political views of its Trump-supporter CEO Mike Lindell, the CEO said.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond, though, said that they “have been rationalizing our assortment to discontinue a number of underperforming items and brands. This includes the MyPillow product line.”

Several home stores would no longer carry MyPillow, apparently because of political conflicts.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, an ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump, said that some stores were dropping his brand due to political views. He was criticized for echoing the former president’s groundless accusation of a “stolen” election.

In his appearance on conservative outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network, Lindell told host Brian Glenn his belief that retailers were afraid of being “canceled” for partnering with him.

According to the CEO, Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s were the two major stores that will stop selling MyPillow products. It seemed that the decision came after Lindell was seen meeting with Trump at the White House on January 15, a few days after the Capitol riot.

“I just got off the phone with Bed Bath & Beyond. They’re dropping MyPillow. Just got off the phone not five minutes ago. Kohl’s, all these different places,” Lindell told Glenn in the episode. “These guys, they’re scared, like Bed Bath & Beyond, they’re scared.”

He added, “They were good partners. In fact, I told them, ‘You guys come back anytime you want.'”

In his comment to PEOPLE, upon its request for one, Lindell said that the companies were dropping his brand as they were “all in fear.”

“It’s the same cancer [sic] culture where they’re going after all kinds of businesses but they’re going after me right now because I told Dominion machines I’m not giving up,” he continued, referring to Dominion Voting Systems, a maker of voting machines used in the 2020 election.

Bed Bath & Beyond told PEOPLE that they have been “rationalizing” their assortment “to discontinue a number of underperforming items and brands,” which includes MyPillow product line.

The company’s spokesperson further said that they are improving product collection and looking at offering exclusive “Owned Brands from Spring 2021.”

Bed Bath & Beyond still had several MyPillow items on its website as of Monday morning, all on clearance sale.

Likewise, MyPillow products were still seen on Kohl’s website as of Monday morning. But the company could not be reached for comment.

In March 2020, Lindell told PEOPLE that he and Trump first met in 2016, when the latter invited him to Trump Tower in New York, as then-Republican candidate “was just intrigued” about his MyPillow business and operations.

“After that, I’d see him at different events and stuff and we became friends,” Lindell said.

Lindell has since then championed Trump throughout his term of service, and had even joined some of his campaign rallies.


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