Sheriff’s deputies tased and arrested grandmother on 70th birthday [Video]


  • A grandmother from Florida was reportedly tased and arrested on her 70th birthday when the sheriff’s deputies tried to enter her home in search of her grandson.
  • Authorities had accused her grandson of violating his probation by carrying a concealed weapon.
  • When she claimed her grandson wasn’t home and tried to close the door, the deputies tased her in her left arm and back, held her to the ground, and arrested her for obstruction and resisting an officer.

A grandmother from Manatee County, Florida, was reportedly tased and arrested on her 70th birthday for not cooperating when the sheriff’s deputies tried to arrest her grandson at her home.

According to the WFLA report, the county sheriff’s deputies had tried to enter 70-year-old Barbara Pinkney’s home last Thursday to search for her grandson, Tevin Turner.

The report stated that the authorities had accused Turner of violating his probation by carrying a concealed weapon.

Pinkney reportedly said that her grandson wasn’t home at the time, and thus refused to let the deputies inside.

She told the news station, “When he was on probation he gave this as his address, but he wasn’t living here.”

But the sheriff’s office believed that Turner was just hiding inside and may have even escaped during the confrontation between Pinkney and the deputies.

The scuffle was started by the deputies when Pinkney tried to close the door.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the deputies tased Pinkney in her left arm and back. A deputy then held her to the ground.

The struggle was partly caught on video by Turner’s wife.

Pinkney recalled, “I was just hollering. I was scared. I didn’t know what else to do. I was just hollering.”

The grandmother was then arrested for obstruction and resisting an officer.


Source: New York Post

11 thoughts on “Sheriff’s deputies tased and arrested grandmother on 70th birthday [Video]

  1. Ha! I knew this wasn’t the definition of a ‘grandmother’ that most of us think of. A sweet, old, God fearing woman who raised God fearing, successful children–this ‘grandmother’ is not!

      1. She’s 70 years old. Leave our elders alone. Of course they would probably stick up for their family- Anyone would. Three tasers! Do you think you got her. If the police thought the grandson could go out the back way, they should have had someone out back, just makes sense. That is a situation that happens all the time.

      2. Everyone does it. EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU. You haven’t judged some stupid politician without knowing them. Some homeless beggar ? Someone arrested on suspicion of child molestation, and their picture is shown on TV before they have had a trial ? Ala Richard Jewel the supposed Atlanta bomber. No media wants you to judge what if considers micreants and we all see the perps picture and condem them. Then move on with it fixed in our minds that this person is deffinately guilty. We are so brain washed, Joseph Gobbles would be so proud.

    1. You are a complete idiot. You must be a cops brat or married to one. Only one of their boot lickers would defend this type of action. Cops have become an enemy of the people by their own actions. Cops have become cowards and hide behind their badges of dishonor.

  2. I think these deputies are in some deep crap because if they did not have a search warrant they had no right to search that house

    1. It all depends up who wrote the article if a leftest wrote it they forgot to add there was a warrant because it does not fit, the hate cops narrative. If you right, she will have her day in court.

  3. Every one of those Cops involved in this assault needs to be FIRED , Arrested and charged with Illegal Search without a Warrant, Assault
    & Battery, & Home Invasion and be Found GUILTY and sent to Prison !! What a bunch of Assholes ! The Cops in this Country are OUT OF CONTROL !!!! And it needs to be STOPPED !!!!

  4. This article statee that, “The scuffle was started by the deputies when Pinkney tried to close the door.” But it was the grandmother that started the problem. Refusing entry by saying that no he is not here and shutting the door on the police when they are dealing with a grandson that had been seen with a gun thus violating his probation does not wash.
    back up let the cops in and and its over if he runs out the back thats his problem you cannot hide fugitives.

  5. gary ellis you are a complete FOOL just cause her g-son said to authories that he lived there ,does not give a-hole cops the right to break in and tase a elderly perrson this is why this sorry ass country is going right to Hell and he was not there asshole gary

  6. Don’t police learn how to de-escalate situations like this?
    Using a taser on a 70-year old grandmother is a failure on the part of the police.

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