Siblings Drowned in a Dare of Who Could Swim Farthest


  • Two siblings doing a challenge of who could swim the farthest into the sea drowned near Clacton Pier.
  • Malika, the younger of the two died instantly while Haider died two days after the incident.
  • Their mother suggested that larger print should be used for warning signs near the water, and must be in a child-friendly format to avoid future accidents.

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On August 8, 2019, near Clacton Pier in Essex, siblings Malika and Haider Shamas, together with their cousins decided to do a challenge of swimming the farthest into the sea. The challenge turned tragic when they kept swimming in deeper water.

At some point, 14-year-old Malika panicked even though she could still stand up. Her brother and other cousins then attempted to save her, but it was too late. She was rushed to the hospital and eventually pronounced dead of immersion.

Their mother, though struggling to stay upright, tried to help Malika and the other children as well. She said, “The sand underneath my feet was giving way and I was trying to reach this little girl. This happened within minutes.”

Her brother, Haider who was 18 years old, passed away in a hospital two days after the incident. It was ruled out that pneumonia, brain damage, and drowning caused his death.

“Should there not have been signs in this particular area saying that you should not go in and that this is what can occur?” Asked their grieving mother, Mrs. Shamas.

Essex’ senior coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray said that larger print should be used for warning signs near the water, and must be in a child-friendly format, as suggested by Mrs. Shamas.

The senior coroner commended Mrs. Shamas for displaying the “utmost dignity” during the investigation. She added, “They were clearly very much-loved people with bright futures ahead of them. I do hope you will be able to look back on the happy memories you have of them both.”

Source: New York Post

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