Skin graft after dog attack results to pubic hair growth on woman’s face [Video]


  • Crystal Coombs, a guest on the latest episode of ‘Botched’, suffered a vicious dog attack when she was a child leaving her with a big patch on her face from a skin graft taken from her groin.
  • Although her facial reconstruction was done well, pubic hair started growing out of the patch.
  • Despite being okay with it at first, she said she wanted it fixed so her daughter will not be bullied because of how she looked.

In the latest episode of Botched, female guest Crystal Coombs asks the show’s resident plastic surgeons — Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif — to fix a huge patch on her face left from a surgery she had as a child.

In a video clip for the latest episode, Crystal was shown recalling to the surgeons a violent dog attack she had when she was nine that resulted in a ‘chunk of tissue’ ripped off her face.

At the time, plastic surgeons called to the emergency room to work on her face suggested a skin graft. They did the surgery by taking skin from her groin. But afterward, pubic hair started growing from her cheek.

“So you’re getting pubic hair on your face?” asked Dr. Nassif.

Crystal replied: “Literal pubic hair. I don’t believe that the doctor mentioned that I would grow pubic hair out of my patch.”

Crystal said she often pulled out hairs from her face. But she has become more self-conscious ever since she became a mother.

“She’s six months. I’m worried about the kids she’ll go to school with. I don’t want her to be teased,” she explained.

Crystal then requested the doctors to make her patch as ‘small and minimal as possible’. However, both surgeons said that further surgery could be dangerous. Dr. Dubrow said Crystal’s case is very deceptively complicated because the skin graft is in an area so close to ‘critical anatomical’ features that can look deformed when altered even a little bit.

Dr. Nassir instead chose to surgically implant a space filler to stretch Crystal’s skin, close the facial skin gap and remove the groin skin. For a month after the surgery, Crystal endured the implant while receiving saline injections to stretch her skin.

Remarkably, the procedure worked. The whole patch is gone along with the pubic hair. Now, Crystal is left with just a thin scar on her cheek.

“Before my surgery, I had a skin graft on my face with pubic hair growing out of it. But now, thanks to Dr. Nassif, the skin graft is completely gone. So now, my face is finally smooth, symmetrical and pubic hair-free.”

Source: Metro

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