Sly bear steals 33-pound package off porch [video]


  • A Tennesee woman recorded footage of a package thief in action.
  • Evidently, the porch pirate was a bear.
  • “Those holiday thieves are getting an early start,” she joked.

Stealing packages off of someone’s porch is bear-y uncool.

Gatlinburg resident Robin Sutherland was the victim of a unique porch pirate.

Footage from her security camera showed the bear stroll up to the 33-pound box and slowly dragged it to the ground. Then, the bear seemingly paused to see if anyone was watching.

Evidently, the bear felt safe enough to complete the theft, as it then dragged the box farther away from the house.

“Those holiday thieves are getting an early start,” Sutherland said.

Sutherland isn’t sure why the bear showed such interest in the package, “because the only things in it were chemicals for my fish pond which were in plastic bottles.”

“I guess the bear’s theory is ‘steal now, open out of sight,’ ” she added.

Source: WBIR

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