Snake bites teen’s penis while on toilet [Video]


  • An 18-year-old boy was bitten by a snake in his penis while sitting on the toilet bowl on Tuesday in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Siraphop Masukarat is now recovering from the hospital as he received treatment. Fortunately, the snake was non-venomous.
  • It was the second time in Thailand this year that an individual had been bitten by a snake while on the toilet.

On Tuesday, an 18-year-old Thai was bitten by a snake while he was sitting on a toilet.

Siraphop Masukarat, the serpent’s victim, told Viras Press that he “looked down and saw a snake was hanging in the toilet.”

The reptile allegedly entered the residence through the plumbing system. The incident happened at the teenager’s residence located about 12 miles north of Bangkok.

According to Masukarat, he was watching a video on his smartphone while on the toilet when suddenly, he felt fiery pain in his lower section. Upon checking, he was shocked that a 4-foot snake clamped on the tip of his penis.

The teenager then quickly stood up as the reptile still held using its jaws. He banged the door on the snake, and only then it lost grip.

He then swiftly rushed out of the toilet with his pants on his ankles, as he was whimpering in terror. The bathroom was tainted with a few drops of blood as the python went back inside the toilet bowl.

Masukarat’s mother tried to calm him in his distress as the emergency team took him to the hospital. Doctors were able to stitch and sterilize the wound with an antibiotic wash. 

Thankfully, Masukarat’s mother said she was relieved that the snake was non-poisonous and it was not a cobra. But still, she thinks that her son “will be scared every time he goes to the toilet.”

As he recovers in the hospital, Masukarat was thankful, saying that doctors told him that his penis “can be used as a normal soon.”

Officers were able to contain the reptile and safely dispatched it into nature.

This was not the first incident in Thailand where a person was bitten by a snake in the toilet. Last January, a woman was hospitalized following a sustained wound in her thigh from a reptile. 

Source: New York Post

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