Solar Minimum means the Sun is getting cooler, is Ice Age coming?


  • Apparently they forget – this scam has already been tried and failed. How many times to we have to switch from scam to scam and back again before we all figger out – they’re both scams, both the ‘coming ice age’ scam and the ‘glow-bull warming’ scam. Let’s stop wasting money on them. At least this one faces the reality that it is in fact the sun which controls earth’s climate. Now if they’ll just figger out – there’s nothing puny man can do about it. When it’s cold, wear heavier clothing and add fuel to the fire. When it’s hot, wear lighter clothing, except maybe a larger sombrero, or turn the A/C on and stay closer to it.

  • How much Federal Funds were spent find that there is not going to be much of a change. I’m sure the Scientific Community doesn’t want to hear this but so much of our tax money is spent in such ways. And we have such a time with Federal monies that they threaten to shut the government down. And those of us on Social Security barely get by, its really not fair that we must suffer.

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