Spiteful Woman Invites Gov to Mom’s Funeral


  • In her open letter to the Governor, Tulip says that the official’s inactions led to thousands of deaths and risking millions of lives
  • Tulip invited the governor to the funeral to let him see that her mom mattered to her and family, and not just a number
  • Texas now has 402,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and 6,200 deaths

Fian Tulip’s mom, Isabelle Odette Papadimitriou, died from the coronavirus. Papadimitriou was a frontliner— a respiratory therapist at a local Texan hospital. Her daughter, FianTulip, wrote to the Texas Governor Greg Abbott to join them at her mother’s funeral.    

Tulip says, “My mom could still be alive had there been a mask mandate much earlier on and had Texas stayed closed.”

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In her letter, Tulip added that, “There is no doubt that poor policy and terrible leadership were responsible for her death. His inaction has killed thousands and is putting millions more at risk.”

Gov. Abbott’s office has not responded to Tulip nor has his aides replied to a request for comment by PEOPLE.

Photo Credit: Fiana Tulip

Gov. Abbott re-issued a request for Texans to stay home at night after Texas recorded 5,000 cases on June 23. He only imposed a statewide mask rule on July 2.

Too late to help Tulip’s mom who started having symptoms of “dizziness, lightheaded, chills, body aches, huge headache, shaking and drowsy and a fever at 100.8 degrees. All at once at 10:30 pm” on June 28, and died the Saturday after.

In her open letter to the governor, she wrote, “There will be far more deaths of Texans than there needed to be. The governor’s “inaction and active denial” of the virus’ impact “has made it clear that the people dying, and the families they’re leaving behind, are just numbers to you.”

But to Tulip and her family, “My mother mattered.”

According to a New York Time tracker, to date, Texas has 402,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and 6,200 have already died from it. 

While the first epicenters for the coronavirus, New Jersey and New York, has decreased their rate of infection through public measures like intense social distancing, Texas, Arizona, and Florida experienced surges.

Source: PEOPLE.Com

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