New York teacher thinks pink spot under her eye is a pimple, turns out to be skin cancer

  • Gibson Miller noticed a light pink spot under her left eye in August 2018 but thought it was just a pimple.
  • When the ‘pimple’ didn’t go away, the New York teacher decided to see a dermatologist, who ordered a biopsy.
  • Miller was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. She had surgery to remove it followed by reconstructive surgery the next day.

Gibson Miller, a New York teacher, noticed a light pink spot under her left eye back in August 2018. The 24-year-old assumed it was just a pimple so she didn’t give it much thought.

Months passed and the ‘pimple’ hadn’t disappeared, so Miller went to see a dermatologist. Noticing that the mark was asymmetrical, the specialist immediately ordered a biopsy. It turned out that the ‘pimple’ was actually a basal cell carcinoma (BCC) — the most common type of skin cancer.

A BCC is a form of skin cancer that occurs in the basal cell — the cell that produces new skin cells when old cells die. More often, it appears as a light pink or red bump on the skin – so it is easily mistaken for a blemish.

After the diagnosis, Miller checked her old photos and realized she’d had the ‘spot’ under her eye for three years before she finally noticed it.

Photo Credit: Gibson Miller/METRO
Photo Credit: Gibson Miller/METRO

Miller had Mohs surgery months later. During the procedure, layers of cancerous skin are removed. It was followed by reconstructive surgery around her eye.

Getting a basal cell carcinoma around the eye area is common, according to experts, as it’s a spot most people miss out when applying sunscreen. Miller says she started playing tennis when she was nine, and so spent hours outside without a hat or sunglasses. Add to that, she didn’t use sunscreen regularly.

Presently, Miller’s scar is starting to heal, and the ordeal has made her realize the importance of protecting her skin. She now always wears sunglasses or a hat when she goes outdoors and covers her face and ears with sunblock.

Source: METRO


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