Starbucks to Close 8,000 Stores in U.S. For Racial-Bias Training

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  • this is bulls…Scenario: 2 people going to wait for a friend in store.If they are going to eat/drink there take a table and await arrival.A friend comes they order eat/drink /pay and than leave.No problem does not care what COLOR they are.
    scenario: 2 people are waiting for a friend at a store.. outside or in car/friend arrives they go together to Store /or car and then do what they are going to do.So!why go into a store stand there and wait and friend than arrives they either do one of the other scenarios.Staff who called the police is absolutely right. I would have done the same in those days of today.. just another incident to bring out the race card.blacks are no better than whites.period.

    • OMG. Seriously! You need racial bias training!
      If the two men were white, I’m sure there wouldn’t have been a problem. People wait for friends inside establishments all the time. Maybe it was cold outside and they didn’t drive there. And by the way, I’m white.

      • Absolutely untrue. I’m white too. Mostly. Loitering in an establishment taking up space other patrons who are paying customers would otherwise be using. The fact of refusing to leave without ordering is suspicious and potentially confrontational. Get over it color is not the issue here. Intent is.

        • I somewhat agreed with you and is all about communication, had the 2 guys tells the cashier waiting for friend arrival and will be buying later will think the cashier still call the cops? Or these 2 guys trying to be difficult? The cops should not arrest them just because…!

    • A white person who was in the store at the same time stated he did the same thing asked for the key to the restroom without order anything and they did not arrest him. He felt that it was wrong what the manager did.

  • When I read the headlines that Charbux is closing 8,000 stores, I thought well that’s good. Then I read further on that it is only for one day. Why not stay closed, period?

    • There are black worthless scum and there are white worthless scum. There are a Lot of blacks who appreciate that TRUMP has created JOBS , so they aren’t the slaves of the DEMORAT HYPOCRITES and are anxious to work. Sadly there are whites and blacks who have the obamabot demorat entitlement mindset and want to be Parasites and not work. Don’t paint with such a broad brush. If you open your eyes, you will find out you are wrong. I am white by the way.

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