Stolen iPhones from looting being tracked by Apple [Video]


  • Apple, along with other businesses, has been the targets of looting and vandalism by ‘opportunistic’ individuals.
  • Unfortunately for these thieves, the tech company has special security software that detects if a device gets stolen then alerts local authorities.
  • The iPhones display a message on their screens indicating that their locations were being tracked.

Hundreds of protesters were arrested up to Sunday, marking the 5th consecutive day of looting and riots in several US cities. High-end retailers such as Apple were affected by attacks on their storefronts. 

“There is a pain deeply etched in the soul of our nation and in the hearts of millions. To stand together, we must stand up for one another, and recognize the fear, hurt, and outrage rightly provoked by the senseless killing of George Floyd and a much longer history of racism.” was Apple CEO Tim Cook’s message to his employees.

The tech company has decided to take steps to ensure the staff are secure and prevent further damage by closing most of its stores. Those that reopened after COVID-19 got shut down once more.

As with other high-end retailers, Apple is among those businesses ransacked by looters due to the valuable inventory available on the store. To prevent theft, the staff removed the stock from these locations.

Looters who did get away with devices that were accessible beforehand have a surprise waiting for them, especially those that stole the boxed iPhones. The company has a proximity program that allows them to disable any device, illegally taken from their store.

In a recent social media post, it shows that any thief who opens the devices they stole will receive the system message, “This device has been disabled and is being tracked, local authorities will be alerted.”

On a side note, legitimate users who lose their devices, Apple has a load of tips on what to do next. The tech giant has taken several measures to attempt to render its devices worthless once stolen. Features include the sticky “Find My” functionality that enables users to track down an iPhone.

“If your device goes missing,” Apple notes “put it in Lost Mode to lock it immediately and start tracking its location.”

Source: Forbes

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