Study: Bald men more likely to suffer severe COVID-19 illness


  • New research found out that Bald men are at risk of suffering serious COVID-19 illness.
  • The study showed that men’s vulnerability to COVID-19 is impacted by their CAG level.
  • CAG levels can be used to determine if a man is at risk of having serious COVID-19 symptoms.

A new study showed that Bald men could suffer severe COVID-19 illness twice than people who still have full hair.

Experts also claimed that bald males, who are infected by the virus, are largely hospitalized and being placed in intensive care facilities.

Per scientists, COVID-19 vulnerability among men is likely attributed to their sex hormones known as androgens. 

Experts suggested that androgens serve as the virus’ ‘gateway’ to invade more cells. Men who are more prone to having severe COVID-19 conditions are genetically sensitive to androgens. These men are suffering from androgenetic alopecia, a condition known as male-pattern baldness, where hair loss would occur. 

Men who are 50 and above are likely to have this condition. At some point, androgenetic alopecia could also affect women as it causes a thinning around the crown of the head for those who are 65 and above.

By counting a chemical called CAG, a group of US doctors studied men’s sensitivity to androgens. If a man has high levels of CAG, it would mean that he will likely experience hair loss.

About 65 men with COVID-19 were hospitalized, and those with high CAG levels exhibited worse symptoms than those with average CAG.

Men with CAG levels spent an average of 47 days in the hospital, over 70 percent of them had gone to the ICU. Meanwhile, men who had low CAG levels spent about 25 days in hospital on the average, and 45 percent went to ICU.

Applied Biology Inc. in Irvine, California chief medical officer Dr. Andy Goren, the lead author of the research, said that CAG levels can be utilized to detect men who are at risk of being admitted to the ICU due to COVID-19.

The study, he concluded, adds more proof that both AR gene and sensitivity to androgens were at some point correlated with suffering severe COVID-19 illness.

Source: The Sun

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