Sylvester Stallone shares ideas for ‘Rocky’ TV series

Sylvester Stallone shares ideas for ‘Rocky’ TV series [Video]


  • Sylvester Stallone posted hand-written notes of a ‘Rocky’ TV series on Instagram Monday.
  • The notes contained the story of the proposed ‘prequel series’ for Rocky Balboa.
  • Fans have also asked Stallone to produce a prequel for his ‘Rambo’ films.

In hand-written notes shared by long-time actor, screenwriter, director, and producer Sylvester Stallone on Instagram, a “time machine” television series of ‘Rocky Balboa’ is being planned.


Stallone posted two pages of notes on his Instagram Monday night, as the header read “Treatment for Rocky prequel series.”

“This may be the strangest posting yet. I started out this morning by writing a treatment for a Rocky prequel for streaming. Ideally, 10 episodes for a few seasons to really get to the heart of the Characters in [their] younger years,” the 74-year-old celebrity wrote in the caption.

“Here is a small portion of how my creative writing Process starts … Hope it happens,” he added.

On the first page of the note, the scene reads: “Imagine a time machine that will simply transport us back to the origins of Rocky, a cinematic world brimming with characters that have been beloved by people around the world for nearly five decades!”

The timeline of the proposed series would be during the 1960s, a period described by Stallone as “the most transformative generation in modern history” because of the milestones achieved at the time ━ the moon landing, the civil rights movement, and the Cold War.

“Needless to say the 60s was a dynamic time. Yet among all this Social Seismic Activity, we drop in on the rather plain life of 17-year-old Robert ‘Rocky’ Balboa. When we first met Rocky in 1976, he was a very lost soul… We now see this young man struggling like all young people trying to find their place,” the description reads.

First launched in 1976, ‘Rocky’ was the breakthrough project of Stallone, who was then struggling to get into the spotlight of his acting career. The film was extended up to five sequels, with Stallone himself attempting to retire the famous character on several occasions. In 2015 and 2018, ‘Rocky’ also appeared in the two film series of ‘Creed,’ starring Michael B. Jordan.

Aside from the ‘Rocky’ series, fans have also urged the multi-talented artist to release a prequel of his other popular character, “Rambo.”


Source: New York Post

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