Tanning addict claims she was diagnosed with skin cancer through an app after doctors dismissed her unusual mole


  • A woman who liked tanning so much was verified by an app to have skin cancer after other doctors treated her mole as benign.
  • Using an app that scans blemishes or moles through the phone’s camera, Ms. Susanna Hancock was notified right away to see a doctor because she is considered high risk for cancer.
  • She had been tanning herself since childhood, from lying on the sand all day up to using sunbeds when she grew up.

A 50-year-old tanning addict of Sale, Greater Manchester, said that an app notified her that she may have skin cancer after alleging that her doctors said that her mole was benign.

Desperate for a golden glow, mother-of-two Susanna Hancock would spend a monthly £50 ($60) for a sunbed every winter, or even lay under the sun for an hour twice a day.

In 2017, she noticed a mole on her calf that had changed size and color. She claimed that two doctors — a dermatologist and a GP — assured her that it was nothing serious.

Photo Credit: Mercury Press and Media Ltd
Photo Credit: Mercury Press and Media Ltd

In January 2019, she downloaded the ‘Skin Vision’ app that uses the phone’s camera to scan the mole or marks and analyzes it using artificial intelligence if it presents a cancer risk. Hancock was immediately marked as high risk after scanning the mole and was further advised to consult her doctor.

Hancock was eventually diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, which although was removed in February, was also told that cancer may return anytime.

Photo Credit: Mercury Press and Media Ltd
Photo Credit: Mercury Press and Media Ltd

‘Luckily it was quite easy for doctors to treat, but there is a chance I will have it again,’ she said who added that she felt quite terrified when she learned more about the condition.

Now, Hancock is helping raise awareness of the dangers of sunbeds, saying it ‘silently kills you’ because it increases your risk of skin cancer or aging your skin. At the same time, she also urged people to stick to fake tans instead.

Speaking of her tanning habit during childhood, Hancock blamed her sunbed use on her lack of awareness on the intense effects of UV lights on her skin.

“We were like rotisserie chickens, turning regularly to get that even all-round glow,” said Hancock who explained that there was no such thing as ‘being ‘sun safe’ for someone who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s.

“Our motto was always, ‘burn first then you’ll get really brown’. On holidays, my friends and I would go and lie in the sun all day starting on the factor 15 and then just switch to oil – to us, sun cream meant we wouldn’t get a tan,” she recalled.


Source: Daily Mail Online

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