Target, Walmart prep big promos to coincide with Amazon Prime Day


  • Target, Walmart, and other big U.S retailers offer promotions to coincide with Amazon Prime Day. 
  • Last year, Prime Day generated $10.4 billion in sales for Amazon.
  • Prime Day will take place earlier this year than its usual July run. 

Big American retailers are offering big discounts and promotions to coincide with Amazon’s annual Prime Day, a multibillion-dollar online sales event. 

Retail chains including Target Corp, Walmart Inc, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy’s Inc, and Kohl’s Inc are offering big discounts and promotions to coincide with Prime Day. 

Last year’s two-day sales event generated $10.4 billion in gross merchandise sales for Amazon. This year, the event is happening earlier than its traditional July run date to boost sales during the quarter’s slow sales days.

The department store chain Macy’s is promoting an “Epic Specials” for two days starting Monday, while Kohl’s is promoting cashback and discounts on chosen goods through its “Wow Deals” event, which will also coincide with Prime day.  

Target has also added the number of products on promotion, and increased discounts on its website during Prime Days, per StyleSage data. In contrast, most mall stores in the country have been reducing their assortment and promotions this year, the data revealed.

Bed, Bath & Beyond is also offering an “even bigger and better” event during Prime Day this year, which includes same-day delivery on orders $39 or more and over $100 rewards to customers. The home furnishing retailer’s top deals include a 60% discount on Crux appliances.

Walmart, the world’s biggest retail chain, will start its sales event one day ahead of Prime Day, and end on June 22. It launched Walmart Plus last year, a subscription program offering deals on electronic items. 

Twenty countries will participate in this year’s Amazon Prime Day. In India and Canada, the event has been postponed due to COVID-19.  

Prime Day has grown into a two-day shopping event that rivals the U.S. holiday shopping season. Adobe is expecting this year’s Prime Day to generate $11 billion total online spend for U.S. retailers, surpassing sales generated during last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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