Teen From Texas Quits School When Asked to Cut Hair He’s Growing for Sick Sister


  • High school student from Texas is keeping his hair grow for a sister who’s sick, leaves school when administrators told him to cut it.
  • When Newt Johnson was told that his little sister has a sickness, he would do anything for her.
  • School said that they offered the Johnson family a way to keep Newt’s education at school, but they decline.

A kid from Texas chose to be homeschooled rather than follow school policy because his growing hair was for sick sister.  

Newt Johnson, a high school student, intends to grow his hair until it can be used as a wig for her sister. And he’s willing to leave high school since its policy is against males who have long hairs.

Maggie Johnson, Newt’s sister, and best friend were just diagnosed with a rare auto-immune condition called Wegener’s disease. The ailment has targeted her kidney, resulting in headaches and severe vomiting,  which caused her to quit school in October.

Due to chemotherapy sessions, and dialysis medications, the 11-year-old’s long red lock started to fall out. Because of this, Newt decided to grow his hair should her sister would want a wig.

However,  Newt had to choose between cutting his hair or quitting his Texas high school.

From a student manual obtained by CNN, Poth Independent School District’s (ISD) imposes a restriction on males having long hairs as part of its dress code.

After the school administrators’ reprimand to Newt, he decided to pull out from Poth High School and study from home instead as he grows his locks.

Newt’s hair needs to grow up to 14 inches before he can donate it to Maggie via the nonprofit organization, Locks of Love.

Currently, Newt was formally out of Poth Independent School District, as confirmed by its officials.

Meanwhile, Alan Johnson, New’s father, supports his son’s decision to be homeschooled and said that parents should listen to their kid’s beliefs.

According to Poth ISD Superintendent Paula Renken, as early as December of last year, Newt was given a warning by his high school to cut his hair and was given until January 21 or sanctions based on the school manual will be applied. 

Newt Johnson never conformed with the warning.

The school, through its principal, has offered the Johnson family to meet with the school superintendent to discuss their concerns about the dress code policy.

However, Johnson’s declined the meeting with district officials.

Renken added that Newt would have continued his education despite his forthcoming sanctions, which only includes suspensions or detention after classes.

Notwithstanding what happened, PISD was still able to come up with a $3,000 fund to assist with Maggie’s medication, along with the cards from students and teachers as well. 

Source: People

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