Teen Paralyzed After Accident in the Swimming Pool: ‘Life Can Change In An Instant’


  • Jared Jordan hit his head when he dived to a swimming pool and was instantly paralyzed.
  • He suffered a C5 and C6 fracture leaving him with “no feeling or movement from the nipple down.”
  • A GoFundMe was created to help Jordan with his treatment. His family stays positive that he will be able to walk again.

On June 12, Jared Jordan, a Georgian teen, was instantly paralyzed from the chest down when he hit his head after diving in the swimming pool. His three friends were quick to rescue him and pulled his head out of the water, according to FOX affiliate WGXA.

“That’s when he said he couldn’t breathe. And he told us to get him out of the water,” his friend, Alex Orona, told the news outlet.

It was a shock to one of his friends, Andrew Brooks.

“How life can change in an instant, anytime, anyplace — anything can happen,” he told WGXA.

A GoFundMe page setup to help Jordan has since earned $12,00. It says in the page’s description that he suffered a C5 and C6 fracture, leaving him with “no feeling or movement from the nipple line down.”

“We are creating this GoFundMe page to help them with expenses for travel and healthcare,” description says. “Please share this page and encourage others to share and help this precious family. We Believe in God’s plan and know he is ultimately in control.”

The family writes updates on a Facebook page and currently Jordan is at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta for the next two months and they are optimistic that he will be able to walk again.

“After about 3-4 months total, we will move home and then just come to Shepherds 3 days a week for 4-5 hour outpatient therapy sessions for as long as he needs,” his mother Jennifer Jordan wrote on Monday. “As you can see, this is a marathon!”

He is now in less pain and able to sleep through the night. He has also started gaining back his appetite.

“We are starting to see more and more of our old Jared everyday,” they added. “He has some areas with normal sensation and some are just coming back so still feel numb. He is trying to use his arms and hands for whatever he can. This leads to lots of laughs from all of us as he flicks, slings, and drops most of what he attempts to grab!”

For the first time since the accident, Jennifer felt hand squeezed hers and saw the other hand move slightly.

“Please continue to pray for Jared’s healing but also for all of the other kids here and their families,” she said.

Source: People

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  1. Praying Jared will heal and be able to move his hands and feet again. Don’t give up we are all there praying for you.

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