Teen who previously wore a Trump MAGA hat beaten in school bus [Video]


  • A 14-year-old teen was allegedly beaten up by five other fellow schoolmates simply for wearing a hat supporting Trump, to school.
  • Even though the boy stopped wearing the hat due to bullying, his mother claimed that her son continued getting messed with incurring injuries along the way.
  • While the mother claimed that it was a hate crime, police and school officials denied that the MAGA hat motivated the beating.

Five high school students in Florida were charged after a viral graphic video showing a boy getting beaten up by the group for previously wearing a MAGA hat to school was posted online.

The 21-second recording released by the mother on Thursday as per advice of her lawyer showed her 14-year-old son whom she referred to as ‘Tyler’ being overpowered by several students on a Hamilton County school bus as he tried to defend himself. The incident reportedly happened on November 21 according to the tweets.

One day after the incident, the mother explained that a few weeks before the incident, her son bought the Trump hat and proudly wore it to school. But due to bullying, he never wore it again.

Sadly, the damage has already been done and he became a target. Since then, the mother said his son had been incurring injuries from getting tripped, punched and verbally abused eventually leading to the incident in the bus.

The teen’s mother also claimed that Tyler required medical treatment for head injuries and bruises on his arms after the incident.

Although criminal investigations did not consider the attack on Tyler a hate crime, the mother insisted in her tweets that her son was “plain and simply a victim of a hate crime and attempted murder according to the state of Florida since it was over three kids that jumped him and these kids are older and larger.”

The family’s lawyer, Foye Walker denounced the students who assaulted Tyler.

He said in an email to the New York Post: “Tyler wore a Trump hat to school two weeks prior to the beating. It started and/or increased a series of bullying that culminated in his assault and battery. His beating appears to be the result of his support for President Trump.”

But school officials told the Post in a separate statement on Friday that based on the Hamilton County School District investigation conducted within the 22 days since the fight, no evidence was found that the incident was motivated by the student’s wearing a hat supporting President Trump prior and at the time of the altercation.

“We absolutely do not condone the use of physical force between students. This was an unfortunate incident that we take very seriously as the safety and welfare of the students is always our top priority,” said Superintendent Rex Mitchell.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office announced that the five students were charged with first-degree misdemeanor battery. It also confirmed that the incident did not qualify as a hate crime.


Source: AOL.Com

2 thoughts on “Teen who previously wore a Trump MAGA hat beaten in school bus [Video]

  1. The big kid doing the beating is bully of worst kind. If not delt with NOW the bully Wiil do myuch worse in the future …. the assault was Criminal and should be treated as such

  2. If that wasn’t a hate crime then I don’t know what is. This young man has endured enough hate and punishment for wearing the RED MAGA hat. Where was the adults on this bus? I think these kids should do some major community service, because I’m sure they won’t get any jail time. Very sad to see such young people with such hate in their hearts.

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