Tennessee judges rule that filming fully-clothed women in public without their consent isn’t criminal


  • Three Tennessee judges ruled that filming women fully clothed in public without their consent isn’t a crime.
  • Convictions for unlawful photography against pervert David Lambert, who admitted filming women’s “private areas” for “sexual gratification” were dismissed.
  • Though filming without consent wasn’t considered a crime, Lambert was still convicted of sexual battery.

Three judges in Tennessee shared the same opinion when it came to filming women fully clothed without their consent in public — it isn’t a crime.

According to a report by the Knoxville News Sentinel, D. Kelly Thomas Jr., James Curwood Witt Jr., and Thomas T. Woodall, judges of the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals wrote three separate opinions that all agreed to dismiss the unlawful photography convictions against a pervert, David Eric Lambert.

The 40-year-old sexual predator has a history of public indecency and has admitted to filming women in retail stores and shopping centers like Walmart and Hobby Lobby. He said he filmed their “private areas” for “sexual gratification”. Aside from filming them without their consent, he also photographed them and grabbed at least one woman on the rear.

According to the decision filed on April 28, Lambert said he didn’t mean to scare anyone and that he filmed the women for his own purposes. He told Kingsport police, “I just like using the video function on my phone.”

Lambert described his actions as less of perversion and more of “an obsession with the technological aspect of a phone.”

Judge Thomas wrote, “Exposure to the capture of our images by cameras has become, perhaps unfortunately a reality of daily life in our digital age.”

All three judges agreed that in this digital age, no one has a right to expect privacy. Thomas said that “it is simply not reasonable.”

Though the judges acknowledged that Lambert’s victims found him “creepy”, they concluded that his actions weren’t criminal. However, Lambert’s conviction of sexual battery remains intact.

Source: New York Post

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