Texas family told too early for Christmas decorations, asked by Homeowners Assn to take down Snowman


  • After a family put up their Christmas decors on November 1, their homeowners’ association told them to take them all down for the reason that it was too early.
  • The letter, which has since gone viral, also told them that they can put it up again at a date closer to the holidays.
  • Among the decorations, which included an inflatable snowman, reindeer and a Santa helicopter, it was Mr. Snowman that the association targeted on removing.

A Texas family who decided to set up their Christmas decorations a bit earlier than usual was told by their homeowner’s association to remove it because it’s too early to put it up.

In a phone interview with NBC News on Thursday, resident Claudia Simonis of the Lakeside at Canyon Springs Subdivision in San Antonio said that on November 1, they adorned their front yard with an inflatable snowman, a reindeer and a Santa helicopter.

Too bad, the neighborhood’s homeowners’ association wasn’t impressed.

Three days after, Claudia and her husband, Nick were shocked to receive a letter from the Diamond Association Management & Consulting telling them that since the festive display was a violation, they need to take down the snowman until “closer to the holiday season.” The other decorations in the yard were not mentioned.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Simonis said who added that they had never gotten a letter like this before after having lived in the subdivision for four years.

The couple also told NBC News that Claudia is pregnant and is due on Dec. 25. Besides not being able to put up the decorations in December, Nick said they just want everything set up so they can relax when the baby comes. Plus, they thought it would also be nice for their two other children, ages 3 and 7, to enjoy the display.

In addition, the letter from the association also stated that while holiday decorations are allowed, they should be removed 10 days after the holiday. However, they didn’t specify a date prior to the holidays when residents can start putting up their decorations.

Neighbor Charles Minton told WOAI that the residents always observe the rules and regulations.  “When we see it in black and white, there’s no problem. But if it’s not in black and white, who’s to say what’s what?”

The letter sparked outrage from the other residents in the subdivision after Simonis posted it in a neighborhood Facebook group.

According to Claudia, the neighborhood has been extremely supportive. As many posted encouraging messages, some have begun putting up their own decorations which included a 12-inch snowman, penguins and Christmas lights.

Despite the incidence, the couple went on to say that they will not be removing the decorations, but add some more stuff instead.

DAMC did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.


Source: NBC News

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  1. All these communities are telling you how to live. So much for our freedom here in the USA. People should be able to put them up at their convenience before the weather is too cold to do it.

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