Texas man murders, nearly beheads girlfriend with samurai


  • A Texas male resident was charged with murder after killing his girlfriend on Wednesday.
  • Authorities said Thursday that Kenneth Wayne Lockings “nearly” decapitated his girlfriend with a Japanese samurai sword he received as a gift
  • Family members found 45-year-old Lockings at the crime scene before police arrived and helped him turn himself in, the Chronicle reported.

Investigators responded to a call about a “cutting in progress” at a Houston home Wednesday, according to the Houston Chronicle. When they arrived, officers found 36-year-old Aracely Jernigan lying dead on the living room floor.

KTRK-TV reported that Lockings Jr. was Jernigan’s boyfriend. The motive of the fatal attack is not clear.

A woman identified as the suspect’s grandmother told the Chronicle that Lockings Jr had been at her home for coffee earlier that day. She also said that Jernigan had just arrived in Houston from Mexico where she had been living with her own family.

Neighbors told the Chronicle that the suspect was known to have mental issues.

“He’s really messed up in the head,” Marie Carrier, one of his neighbors, told the newspaper.

Lockings Jr received the samurai sword last month as a Thanksgiving gift.

Investigators reported seeing a packed bag with women’s clothes inside the apartment. This led the police to believe that the victim was leaving at the time she was attacked.

Lockings Jr is due in court Wednesday and is being held in Harris County Jail without bail.

Source: FoxNews

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