Texas Police Officer Caught Pointing Gun at Young Children on Viral Video

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  • Listen to these fowl mouth brats talking to the officer. Once again this proves poor parenting skills. Once you lay a hand on an officer, the rules change. If I would had been in his situation, I would had loaded every single one of these fouled mouth little turfs into a patty wagon and hauled them all down to the station. Call school parent to come get them after watching what their “little angels” were doing. It time for us to stand behind our law officers and stop blaming them for doing their jobs.

    • I don’t understand how alot of these parents today can stand and accuse everyone else for their children’s bad behavior and do nothing to help correct it. They are however showing their children how to act out and get away with it by their own actions. When these kids see parents and “supposedly” the adults act like they do towards things that’s not right or not understood, alot of them think it’s ok to act the same way, even though it may be wrong in some cases. The problem is that parents don’t explain to these kids that they shouldn’t do what they see others do first of all. Parents need to stop thinking that their children aren’t acting out when they are not around them especially with other influences around, which is why you need to constantly talk to your own child whenever you have the chance about LIFE. Alot of these little kids today INSTIGATE the actions of alot of these incidents that happen, which is why you also see now some are coming back and applogizing for their actions. Everything that happens is not ALWAYS first blame the officer. I will admit that there are bad cops out there but not ALL cops are bad. There are other bad cops and lying, instigators of all ages and races that make it bad for the GOOD cops and ALL PEOPLE in general.

  • Perhaps what we really need in our society is a lot more “bad” cops. We are are very close to tying the hand of the very people whose job it is to look out for us.

  • Wow, these are children. He is a trained professional. I am a homicide detective. He was totally out of line and unprofessional. Regardless of what you think about the parenting skills of parents, again, he is a trained professional and should have known better.
    Some of your comments are surprising.. Yoi are right, we are all entitled to our opinions

  • We don’t know the situation that preceded the start of the video. Kids can have guns too and if they shot and hit you, you will be just as dead as if shot by an adult.

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