The launch of 'The Michelle Obama Podcast' features former President Obama and subtle swipes at the current administration

The launch of ‘The Michelle Obama Podcast’ featured subtle swipes at the current administration


  • Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama discussed the current administration’s handling of the coronavirus crisis in the first episode of “The Michelle Obama Podcast.”
  • They remarked that the current administration’s failure to handle the crisis has led young people to doubt the government and focus on ventures “outside of governmental structures.”
  • The first episode of the podcast was released on Spotify on Wednesday.

“The Michelle Obama Podcast” has debuted its first episode, which featured former President Barack Obama and a few subtle swipes at President Donald Trump.

In the 48-minute episode, the former first lady and her husband touched upon the current administration’s handling of the coronavirus crisis without mentioning Trump by name.

Barack Obama pointed out that young people are oftentimes unaware of what the government is doing until there’s a crisis — like right now.

Michelle Obama agreed: “If people are paying attention and they understand what’s missing. Not having a public health system that takes care of people whether you are working or not, that takes care of you whether you have preexisting conditions or not. Unemployment, Social Security ― all of the things that sort of keep people going when the chosen path doesn’t work.”

Because of this, young people have doubted the government. They have instead focused their idealism “outside of governmental structures and outside of politics,” said the former president.

He pointed out, however, that “there are just some things we can’t do by ourselves,” like tackling the coronavirus crisis.

“So we’re getting a good lesson in that right now,” he quipped, in an apparent jab at the current government.

Trump’s administration has been heavily criticized for failing to curb the outbreak. The president himself has repeatedly downplayed the severity of the pandemic, touted unproven treatments, mocked face masks, pressured states and schools to reopen, and severed the country’s ties to the World Health Organization.

Michelle Obama then poked fun at her husband’s optimism and teased him about being a “Yes We Can man,” a reference to his 2008 campaign slogan.

The former president then quipped that his wife thinks “things have to get super, super bad before folks figure stuff out.” To which she responded: “Well I hope we’re at that point.”

She eventually acknowledged that one can only rely on hope when in doubt. She then seemingly threw shade at Trump’s apparent ignorance of history.

“As a former president who reads and knows history ― let’s just take a moment to pause and think about that ― but as that person, you understand the arc of progress,” Michelle Obama told her husband.

“We are moving toward more inclusivity, more openness, more we-ness, it’s not an easy trajectory, it is bumpy and it is uncomfortable, and that’s how change happens,” she continued.

The first episode of “The Michelle Obama Podcast” was released on Spotify on Wednesday.

You can listen to the full episode here:



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