Three Died During Swimming Pool Birthday Party


  • Yes, that is not the worst of it as not only does one pound of dry ice(solid form) produce 250 liters of carbon dioxide; now carbon dioxide is heavier than air as its fundamental characteristic nature;

    so it basically allows anyone who tries to surface above the water who then subsequently tries to breath in any air at all to instead alternatively; breath in instead only the 250 liters of carbon dioxide gas cloud over the pool water; thus very effectively and sadly suffocating those three unfortunate souls blissfully unaware that their impending fateful doom was sealed;

    I know this basically from my rather rigorous, thorough and comprehensive EMT training; lesson to be learned here don’t ever under any circumstances use dry ice(solid form) in pool water if anyone is in the water also at the same time; as it will undoubtedly cost anyone who happens to be in the water their very own foolhardy lives.

  • It might have been nice to know where the eff “in Russia” this happened. That country used to only extend thru 11 time zones. Too, “social influencer” might sound nifty, but obviously the 29 yo widow demonstrated what kind of bs that position is. Depressing story, and comment about the stupid AF reason the whole group was involved.

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