After Toddlers Suffer Broken Legs, Day Care Employee Charged


  • A Florida day care center worker in Florida was arrested and charged with child neglect after complaints from parents revealed that their children suffered from leg fractures.
  • According to the arrest report of a kid’s center worker Christina Marie Curtis, four toddlers who were brought to the center showed difficulties in standing and walking afterwards.
  • Although Curtis denied any knowledge of the injuries, security camera footage showed otherwise.

The Northwest Florida Daily News reports a daily care employee in Florida who was charged with child neglect two months following the discovery of four children suffering from leg fractures.

Fort Walton Beach resident, Christina Marie Curtis, and a worker at the Kids Discovery Learning Center was arrested on July 20 after a probe into an incident that happened in May.

According to the arrest report, on the morning of May 20, four children ages 13 to 21 months old were brought to the Valparaiso day care looking fine.

However, at the end of the day, all four of them reportedly showed a change in behavior.

The report said that when the children were picked up in the afternoon, they exhibited signs of distress and could hardly walk or stand. After medical evaluations, each of the four was diagnosed with fractures to their legs.

Upon questioning, the report wrote that Curtis denied having any knowledge on how the injuries occurred and even suggested that they may have gotten these at home or in the playground. But talks with parents and surveillance footage suggested a different story.

A mother whose son was among the four injured told the Daily News that she instructed Curtis not to bring her child outdoors because he was suffering from a rash, but she said Curtis still brought him out. Later, the woman learned that her son sustained a hairline fracture. She said that her child is slowly recovering, although his balance is still ‘a little bit funny ‘.

Security camera footages also showed Curtis holding an 18-month-old toddler’s hand above his head while walking before dropping him carelessly into a wagon.

The report further described that the “when the child was picked up, his feet and legs were in the air and was dropped feet first into a wagon. Later, after the child had a nap, a teacher tried to let the same child stand on his feet but the toddler was “unable to bear weight on his legs,” said the report.

Furthermore, another child that suffered a fracture that day allegedly sustained another one in May which was around the time when Curtis started working at the center.

A day after her arrest, Curtis was released after posting a bond of $4,000. Her terms of release stated that she is not allowed any unsupervised contact with a minor or work at child care centers or schools.

The owner of the day care center did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily News.


Source: AOL.

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