Tom Brady eager to get back in shape after knee surgery


  • Tom Brady said that he’s doing “pretty good” as he recovers from his minor knee operation.
  • He said that he was eager to play and join the team in practice ahead of the 2021 season.
  • The 43-year-old quarterback has re-signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and will continue to play until at least 2022.

During Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians’ Family Foundation gala on Sunday, Tom Brady said that he was recovering well from his minor knee surgery, noting that he would be able to join the rest of the team in training prior to the start of the upcoming NFL season.

Per ESPN, Brady said: “I feel pretty good, and I push myself pretty hard. I don’t know if I could go this week, but we’ll see how things play out.”

“It’s a long time between now and the beginning of the season, and [we] just [need to] be smart about all these different things that we have to do and fulfill,” the 43-year-old quarterback added.

“But we all take a lot of pride in being ready to go, and I’m sure we will be,” Brady continued.

The 7th time Super Bowl champion said that he was eager on getting “ready to throw,” saying that he expects to join future team workouts.

“We’ll just take it and see how we go and see how things play out over the course of the offseason,” he said. “A lot of things come up and change over the course of the offseason, and we’ve got a lot of hardworking guys, so guys will be anxious to get together and get to work.”

With regard to his rehab’s post-operation progress, the reigning champion said that he was doing fine before confessing that none of them was actually fun.

Brady, though, noted that he was working out on “getting back to real training and stuff, which is hopefully here pretty soon.”

Describing the procedure, Brady said that he was okay with it and that it was part of the process.

“Things come up. You deal with them the best way you can, with the best opportunity to improve. I’m definitely feeling a lot better than I did six or seven weeks ago,” he said, per ESPN.

Brady has recently re-signed with the Bucs as he aims to win his 8th Lombardi trophy. He is committed to the team to at least play until the 2022 season.

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