town's residents must get their appendix removed before moving in

This town’s residents must get their appendix removed before moving in


  • A settlement in Antarctica is looking for new residents, but they will have to get their appendix removed first.
  • The town has limited access to healthcare, so having appendicitis could be a life-or-death situation.
  • The small town of about 100 people is mostly populated by scientists and air force or navy personnel.

Getting accustomed to a new place can take some time, which can make moving to a new town a bit daunting. Oftentimes, some sacrifices need to be made. One small town in Antarctica, in particular, requires any aspiring residents to get their appendix removed before they can move in.

This requirement applies to all new residents, including children — for a reason.

The Antarctic village of Villa Las Estrellas on King George Island has limited access to healthcare. Residents of the Chilean settlement have to travel over 600 miles to reach the nearest hospital. There are doctors staying at the research base, but there is no guarantee that there will be a surgeon capable of treating appendicitis.

And appendicitis requires immediate surgery.

Therefore, anyone planning to move there must have a pre-emptive appendectomy to avoid such a life-or-death situation.

The small remote town has a huddle of homes, a school, library, bank, supermarket, post office, and radio station. There are also friendly penguins that are protected by laws from being hunted.

But fresh vegetables are a rare sight, and dogs are banned in case they spread infectious diseases to wildlife.

The population of about 100 is mostly composed of researchers and Chile’s air force or navy personnel, who often bring their whole families with them. People are discouraged from getting pregnant during their stay.

It’s one of the few human settlements in Antarctica where people can reside for years amid the plunging temperatures, which can reach as low as -47C. Residents often have to stay indoors and away from perilous circumstances.

Such temperatures mean that people mostly live on the island only during the summer, when there is constant daylight.


Source: Mirror

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