Trevor Noah channels Margot Robbie to explain GameStop’s skyrocketing stocks [Video]


  • The Daily Show’s host Trevor Noah posted a hilarious video online using Margot Robbie’s scene from ‘The Big Short.’
  • Using Robbie’s body, but with a cropped face and fake Australian accent, Noah explained what happened in Wall Street this week.
  • GameStop’s stocks have skyrocketed because of the so-called “Redditors.”

Channeling Margot Robbie from ‘The Big Short’ scene, the Daily Show’s host Trevor Noah made a hilarious attempt to explain how GameStop’s stocks significantly rose.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, the show uploaded a video featuring Noah’s face attached to Robbie’s body during a segment where the actress is talking about finances while sipping a glass of champagne in the bathtub.

“Basically, there’s a group of people on Reddit who don’t use the stock market to invest. They use it to gamble,” Noah started the talk, as he copied Robbie’s Australian accent. “And yeah, that’s what a lot of serious investors do too, but these guys on Reddit are more honest about it and they love to troll the people who aren’t.”

“So there’s a store called GameStop that sells video games. Not a great business to be in since games can be downloaded now, which is why the serious investors decided to short GameStop, which means to be against it,” he continued.

“But the Redditors are gamers who have a semi-ironic love for the store,” the South African comedian noted, “so they started making memes encouraging each other to punish the serious people by buying worthless GameStop stocks.”

Noah went on by saying that because of those Redditors, GameStop is now “succeeding wildly” instead of going down.

The show host, though, clarified that the gaming company did not technically become a successful company.

“Come on. Stocks are never real. The serious people have already lost $5 billion, and some giant hedge funds have gone bankrupt.”

The 36-year-old comedian ended by saying: “Got it? Good. Now, let’s get out of Margot Robbie’s bathroom before she gets home and asks me what I’m doing here. The last time she caught me here was a bit awkward.”

Per a Chicago Tribune report, GameStop’s stock has already been struggling in years and continues to lose finances which can be attributed to the surge of online video game selling. This week, though, its shares have significantly soared up to 1600 percent.

Source: PEOPLE

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