Trump Accuses Putin, Iran for Reported Chemical Attack in Syria


  • The so-called chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun upon investigation was an inadvertent release of a store of agricultural chemicals from bombing of the rebels near the relatively abandoned airfield that drifted downwind, not a sarin attack on civilians.

    This assessment was held by our own military intelligence. The missile attack on the relatively inactive base was accommodated to appease Trump’s reaction and resulted in little real costs to Syria or Russia.

    There is little real benefit to Assad or Russia to engage in Chemical attacks on civilians and a huge downside.

    On the other hand, there is an immense upside for the anti-Assad rebel forces, including Nusra, Al Kaida remnants and ISIS, to maintain US involvement in the effort for Syrian regime change. Sunni countries, especially Saudi Arabia are heavily invested in bringing predominantly Shi’a countries like Syria and Iran to their knees with Israel as a strange bedfellow.
    Republicans and Democrats alike are hellbent on the overthrow of Assad and Iran who are supported for the most part by Russia.
    There are two many unknowns and risks at play to do a knee jerk reaction to the latest incident before a careful assessment of the facts.

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