Did Trump break royal protocol by touching Queen Elizabeth’s back?


  • Etiquette experts say President Donald Trump committed several faux pas during the state dinner Monday.
  • Though protocol states that no one should touch the queen unless she initiates it first, the U.S. President touched her back and her elbow.
  • Trump supporters are praising him for “not bowing down” while critics say his actions were inappropriate.

One royal rule is that the queen should not be touched unless she initiates contact first. According to media present, President Donald Trump broke this rule during the state banquet Monday in the Buckingham Palace.

When Queen Elizabeth II stood to give a toast, Trump appeared to “lightly touch” her back. The Washington Examiner also reports that other faux pas captured on video would include Trump touching the queen’s elbow when he thanked her as he finished his own speech.

There is some debate if Trump clinking his glass against the queen’s after her toast was inappropriate as well. It seems that the queen didn’t mind though, not visibly showing any annoyance at Trump’s slip. The royal family’s official Twitter account also posted a photo of the said clinking, so one would assume there was no harm done.

Though debates, comments, and criticisms about the gaffe continue on Twitter, supporters  say that Trump did well “not bowing down before all the other world leaders.”

Still, Trump isn’t the only one to have broken this particular protocol. Michelle Obama had laid her hand across the queen’s shoulder back in 2009. The queen didn’t seem to mind as she embraced the then-first lady in return.

In Michelle’s 2018 memoir, Becoming, she described the incident during the G20, “Forget that she sometimes wore a diamond crown and that I’d flown to London on a presidential jet; we were two tired ladies oppressed by our shoes.” Some critics said that Obama was “uncouth”, but to that, she wrote,  “If I hadn’t done the proper thing at Buckingham Palace, I had at least done the human thing.”

The most notable faux pas, however, would be credited to President Jimmy Carter, who kissed the queen on the lips in 1977.


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