Trump Congratulates Hurricane Florence Survivor for Getting ‘A Nice Boat Out of the Deal’


  • I think he was very compassionate and consoling and even tried to interject a little humor into a sad situation. But you know the old sayin: if Trump walked on water, the left would say he couldn’t swim. Sad!

  • So now it’s a crime to have a sense of humor? I know others who said much worse but because their name isn’t Trump nothing is said. Typical left, “I can say it but if you do we’ll crucify you.”

  • If Obama had said that he would have been praised for being clever, and personable, and as far as the tossing of the paper towels goes, he was getting them to the ones who were way in back of the room. I saw it, and everyone was grabbing them and laughing. Will this man ever get credit for the improvements he had made to our country, or will he finish out his (terms) being ridiculed and excoriated? Give him a break, he is our lawfully elected President.

  • Why not give this a REST? It’s just another example of President Trump’s awkward statements, made here and there. I see this as his way of trying to add a light moment to a cruel situation of disaster. People need to get off their knees, hiding out there in the bullrushes trying to nitpick everything this man does.

    Perhaps they should recall and comment on his unprecedented work to improve our economy, and put people back to work at good wages. And he’s working on strengthening our Military to levels that enemies of the USA will see as formidable. He’s constructing a wall to keep unworthy aliens from coming to America to gravy-train from all of us. He alone has put into action programs to benefit and celebrate our Veterans. He continues to form a tax plan that is more fair than any shoved down our throats during the 20th & 2st centuries.

    Ask the people in West Virginia what he has done for them — so far ….

  • Some people interpret light hearted remarks as being insensitive. This type of person always looks for a way to negatively interpret humor, or one’s attempt, there of, to lighten up the severity of a crisis. Humor in the time of stress is healthy!

  • Just small talk in regular folks , but is this really a big deal or crass ? NO, but maybe the owner will take the loss, and help the other man fix up the old boat for him to keep. I found lots of furniture, wood etc., and no one ever wanted it back, and I used those materials. We get flood where I live too. Let it go .

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