Trump Lies About COVID-19 Testing, Says Kathy Griffin as She Can’t Get Tested Herself


  • President Trump announces that the United States tested 300,000 in a span of eight days, saying that the country has completed tests more than any other country in the world.
  • Kathy Griffin says Donald Trump lies about the accessibility of COVID-19 testing kits, adding that federal restrictions disqualify her from getting tested despite her symptoms.
  • Many across the country protest about the difficulty in getting themselves tested for the coronavirus.

President Trump claims that when it comes to the national response to the coronavirus pandemic, the United States has done far more testing than any other country, tweeting that within an eight-day period, the country has done more testing than South Korea had in eight weeks.

This, says Kathy Griffin, is a lie.

The comedian responded to the tweet the president had posted to broadcast the accessibility to COVID-19 testing kits across the country, claiming that the United States has done far more testing than any other country.

Griffin accuses the president of lying, saying that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s restrictions disqualify her from getting tested at a hospital despite the “unbearably painful symptoms” she is experiencing.

She also posted photos of herself inside her hospital room, behind a glass door with her face covered with a mask.

Griffin is not alone to complain about the accessibility to testing kits. Many across the country protest about the difficulty in getting themselves tested for the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator on the coronavirus task force inaugurated by the president, has also announced these statistics. She reports that 50,000 to 70,000 are tested in the United States daily, totaling to about 300,000, and she says that South Korea has only completed 290,000 tests.

“Probably by today we will have done more tests than South Korea did in eight weeks, in the last eight days,” Birx told Fox News on Tuesday. “In the last eight days, we’ve done more testing than South Korea.”

South Korea is the only country, so far, to flatten the curve of new coronavirus, making it a model country to follow when it comes to testing for the coronavirus.

Source: The Hill

18 thoughts on “Trump Lies About COVID-19 Testing, Says Kathy Griffin as She Can’t Get Tested Herself

  1. The title of this piece of garbage reporting is “Trump Lies About COVID-19 Testing”. Your one source – Kathy Griffin…psycho biased Trump-hating Kathy Griffin. Ha ha ha – muckraking journalism at its best. Of course she won’t get a COVID-19 test – her “painful symptoms” are from a yeast infection. How did she supposedly get the disease anyway? Wasn’t she “sheltering in place? Your organization really is horrible. Often your grammar is on par with a third grader – a “D student” third grader. One less subscriber, savages.

    1. By the way you are speaking in the reply above, you must be Trump. Because your reply is as ignorant as Trump would give. All hot head and no intelligence behind it. Everything that comes out of Trumps mouth is either a lie or complete ignorance. So leave Kathy Griffin alone.

      1. Jeez, are you really a Kathy G fan? You are as rare as the hen’s teeth that are no where to be found..

        That woman is actually brain dead and doesn’t know it.

    2. Absolutely, and why is she wearing a mask? It doesn’t do anything. These cheap masks are a joke. You need to have those larger units that fit your face well and has dual high filtration cartridges that have one-way check valves.

  2. Kathy Griffin? Please. She’s almost as reliable as Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff. You people are poor examples of journalists.

  3. I am so happy to read that other Americans feel the same about this absurd article. Who, in their right mind, would believe or even listen to a word that Kathy Griffin has to say. She is a sick woman, in the head, remember last year on the internet a picture of her holding the President’s head by his hair. She should have been arrested for threats to the President. But no she got away with it. DO NOT listen to a word she says. Besides where does she get her information from? And maybe just maybe she was turned down for the testing because she didn’t have the symptoms? She is a Trump hater, pa her no mind.

  4. Kathy Griffin???? Anal retentive Cathy Griffin??? I haven’t left my house in over a month Kathy Griffin????? Complaining of ” UNBEARABLY PAINFUL symptoms” after eating 3 day old lobster or something like that……… She is so full of hot air, it’s most likely gas pains!!!

  5. She neded up with a stomach infection and was sent home. The hospital was right in not giving her the test. It is for people with the virus symptoms

  6. You all are a bunch of Trump does nothing wrong crazy people. Every time trump opens his mouth he lies. He fired all the staff that could of discovered this virus a long time ago. He won’t spend money in buying more tests or any other thing this country needs right now. I voted for him but I will not be that stupid again.

    1. Those 3 people were not fired. Another media lie. They were included into another larger group with somebody watching over them. They didn’t like that so they quit. NOT FIRED. Your either a lair or still listening to CNN.

  7. No one is tested unless a doctor says that they should be. Did she show symptoms and get a note from her doctor? She was the one who held his severed head; how can anyone take her seriously?

  8. Kathy Griffin and you Pres. Trump haters are all complete idiots! Nothing the POTUS does is good enough for you, if he says black, you morons say white. If he says white, then you say black! If he cured cancer, aids, diabetes, the deficit, and covid-19, you anti-Trumpers would still complain! It wasn’t fast enough, he did it wrong, it was racist, etc. I wish you all would move to China or Venezuela, and stay there! We don’t need your ideas or worthless opinions!

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