Trump’s budget proposal with massive cuts to food stamps, housing, and health care


  • Screw Trump. He wants to take away from the poor and give to the rich! Dirty bastard! He’s a real piece of shi-! No regard for human life except for the rich ones!

      • IF you were one of poor RW, I am sure you would not want this cut. Besides, why not just NOT pay billions for the WALL. After all, wasn’t he going to have Mexico pay for it? All Trump is doing is trying to UNDO what Obama did during his eight years AND cause more disturbance instead of focusing on the real issues we’re having. I suppose you will also approve of US paying for the guns for the teachers to start carrying in order to protect our children instead of just not allowing automatic weapons???

    • Your an idiot, 85% of Recipients abuse the system, I yet to meet a person on benefits that is striving to better their life and get off of them. I’m even talking about some of my family members, those people ain’t poor, they are con artist, and lazy ones at that!

      • Amen my friend IE even got family that’s like that too . Just waiting on someone to hand out all the time to them ? If these lazy girls having babies would ( keep their legs closed) and get a job they wouldn’t have time to have babies !

    • It’s going to be tough for you Barbie! Instead of living off the fat of others you’re going to have to go out and get a job! Making babies is not a job you lazy biatch!

    • Such a waste of time and money. SNAP is the way to go. What about people with diet restrictions for health reasons.
      The boxes will be filled with cheap carbs. With SNAP you can buy fresh vegetables,fish, etc. It will be costly to implement the program and keep it running, Where are the savings?

    • Are you nuts? You really must be nuts. Do you know how many people are on welfare that can work? How many people are on welfare and can work and don’t want to work because they don’t have to lift a god forsaken finger? Use your brain. Unless you are one of those welfare recipients? I work my balls off. 60 hours a week and I still can’t afford normal health care for my wife and kids. As a working class (poor) man. How do you think that makes me feel knowing a portion of what I give to the government goes to lazy people? Use your head man. Seriously use your head.

      • NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE ON WELFARE FOR MORE THAN ONE YEAR!! After that, if you’re still collecting free money and free food and free medical, then you’re lazy and have that “IT’S OWED TO ME” mentality that I loathe.
        I love that TRUMP is getting rid of the fraud and misuse of welfare!! Should’ve cut food stamps and housing, and Medicaid YEARS ago! Go get a job! My husband works 60 hours a week and I work 24 hours a week so that we can provide a decent lifestyle for my children, if we can do it, anyone can do it. And before anyone says anything, of course medically disabled persons are not included! (even tho I have a disability and I still work) All the people that have made welfare a lifestyle are nauseating in their life choices to say the least…but get your work boots ready!! TRUMP’s about to straighten this country up

    • FINALLY!!!!!!

      How many times have we all been behind the baby momma in line buying up T-Bones, Lobsters, and Crab while paying for it through $100 manicured nails with her access card

      • Every time I go to WalMart!!!!!!
        (so I stopped going some years ago)!! There is nothing more rage-stirring than being behind an EBT card holder getting tons of food while I’m paying with HARD EARNED CASH that I worked my ass off for. GO TRUMP!

    • NO, Barbara, he wants to take fom the moochers, ie the poor who have been living off the government (or should I say the taxpayers) for years. That is a WONDERFUL idea. About time somebody did that & the “poor” got off their “asses” & did something, dare I say a four letter word, WORK!

    • It’s time you idiot to get the lazy ass free loaders off food stamps and government assistance their sucking America dry while they out breed everyone because the more kids you have the more assistance you get. Free everything leaves them not tired after a days work so there’s nothing to do but have sex and roam the street all nite raping robbing and doping. We owe nothing to those that can work but refuse.

  • Truthfully, many individuals are taking advantage of the food stamp program. I saw this firsthand when my son was in college, even though we were paying for his college and room and board, he was able to get food stamps as well as the other college students. We were suprised, when we found this out and asked why he would get food stamps and he said, why wouldn’t he, they give them to you and everyone gets them, why would he not take them. It is encouraging a generation of entitlement. Have you ever been in line at Walmart or somewhere behind someone using food stamps to buy Mountain Dew, chips, candy and other junk food that has 0 nutritional value? Turns my stomach to think my hard earned tax dollars are going to that! Don’t get me wrong, I grew up raised by a single mother and we received government aid. I think there is a real need for assistance for our poorest who are unable to support themselves, but I also feel our system is being grossly abused, and that we need to correct which means making cuts to those individuals who don’t need it or are using it to fund a lifelong dependency.

    • Sorry but you cannot buy chips,soda,candy, etc. with food stamps. The EBT card will not allow these items to be processed. You must pay for them with cash or a regular credit card. Don’t be soo quick to judge without knowing all the facts!

  • ADINKS, you should give more thought to your langue. You are the insignificant idiot. Where did you get the idea that President Trump wants to give Food Stamps to the rich? They pay for your getting your Food stamps. The stealing and cheat ing of all so-called government programs are just to show off the politicans ,who just use people like you,”the takers, and crooks”,Do you pay taxes like the so call rich do?

  • I agree a lot of people abuse them but I’m 51 and a widower who is now living on very little disability and without the food stamps I get I couldn’t eat much. I also get Medicaid which pays for what Medicare doesn’t. I think a change should be made for these people that can work and not abuse the program but there is people like me that really does need the help.

  • Trump is right we the people that have worked all our lives an paid taxes have had it with all these free give away’s + all these joke study,s that gov,t has going on wasteing our money no money coming will have to get job,see that people are trying an need some help ,but we will not foot there full income to support there family’s. I an in my 80’s never taken anything from gov’t. We have paid for everything ourselves. People think we an gov’t own them I do not own anyone we worked for everything we have today .I say get up off all your A—‘s get a job. This gose for the Wash,D.C . People on the HILL……….

  • The sad part is they already know who abuse the system and allow it as well as encourage it Do you think they are in the dark about this I don’t think so with all the technology and intelligence they know who these people are already but since they created the problem they now need to correct the problem so a lot of people will be taken unawares and it’s not just one demographic either Suprise

  • Go into any food market and see the young one with food stamps, look into their carts. ” steaks, lobster, ice cream, candy, baked goods etc. Not long ago there was a young girls on the side of the parking lot selling her food stamps 1/2 price. I saw drug dealers sign in for their welfare goodies Is that what the liberals want?

  • The government should not give money to those that can work but won’t they are living the good life when those that really need it and some people SELL them for drugs cigarette what ever but not good and when you report it so it can stop no one does anything so why bother just saying they need to check on this

  • RJMS Pgh.,PA I can remember when I was working I would see mostly african americans on welfare, dressed to the nines, hair styled fancy not plain, nails done. They would have one kid or two, drove very nice new cars. They would just keep having babies & abuse the system. Now it’s the white girls, most of which are in a relationship with an african american or a foreigner. It makes me sick.

    • There are whites receiving welfare and also selling their food stamps for drugs And not only white women with black men but able bodied young to middle age I think you’re aware of the trailer park homeless and opioid communities if you’ve lived in this country more than two minutes

  • I don’t know where you guys live , in the state of Pennsylvania if your able to work, you are required to work or be a part of the earns program. In the earns program you are required to come every day do job hunting and any other skill you need to get a job (resume writing, interview training,etc). Then you are required to go to various placements to work for the city ( cleaning, file papers,sorting etc) until you get employed. Otherwise your benefits are cut. I agree people do abuse it , but there are a lot of people who need it. I’M on disability, and get food stamps and would not be able FEED my family and pay all my bills without out stamps.

  • I use to work at a Ford plant years ago and talked to some of the guys and said that they have several kids but did not want to get married because his girlfriend was on welfare and everything he made went into their pockets and lived very good so why get married ,that happens a lot they know how to play the system and get away with it.

  • Where in your yearly income will you see the financial increase of less people being on govt assistance? By the time it trickles down to middle class maybe 1.00. Be real with yourself, the rich want to lace their pockets and that is all.

  • Not everyone who gets food stamps is abusing the system. The elderly who get very little social security benefits, the disabled, and the bona fide sick, need food stamps. They cannot survive without them. Rent and utility bills are high, if not on Medicaid or Medicare medicine costs are through the roof. Not everyone qualifies for housing benefit or help with heating bills, or disability. If your social security is less than your rent (and you are not living in a mansion either) food stamps are the difference between homeless and having a roof over your head or between having medicine or not. There are lots of people who abuse the system but you cannot lump everyone together. It should be on a case by case basis. Food boxes would be full of processed food and people would be unable to choose healthier foods. Senior diabetics, for example, can’t eat a lot of what would be in those proposed boxes. The system does need looking at and improving but knee-jerk reactions won’t fix it.

  • Trump is a millionaire. He thinks like one. He looks down on poor people like they are lazy and are just looking for a handout. That’s not right!! Some people are really handicapped and cannot work to support themselves. This is a way of putting lower class people lower and forcing disabled people to work. (Which he thinks are just “lazy”) He doesn’t know what true disabled people go through. This is what he REALLY NEEDS TO DO: OVERHAUL THE PROGRAM !! FIND THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CHEATING THE SYSTEM! (Recently there were a couple of Doctors from India who owned a house in one city and were receiving section 8 in another!! Catch people like that!!)
    Also find the people who come to this country and collect food stamps , housing, and health insurance. THIS is dragging our economy down. Everybody who comes into this country knows how to work the system from the minute they come here. The more children they have the more money they get.

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