Twitter’s “Birdwatch:” new attempt to root out misleading tweets


  • Twitter has a feature called “Birdwatch” that may help people identify misleading tweets.
  • The feature appears to allow users to attach notes to tweets they believe to be harmful.
  •  It is still unsure whether Twitter will release the feature to the public or not.

It’s confirmed. Twitter is working on a new feature that could help Twitter users warn each other about tweets that could be misleading or harmful. Currently, the feature is called “Birdwatch.”

Though there aren’t a lot of details about the feature, including if Twitter will release it to the public or not, enough has been leaked that we have a pretty fair idea of what the feature will be like.

However, it’s still in early development and won’t be released before the US election.

According to TechCrunch, the existence of the feature was first discovered in August by Jane Manchun Wong, who digs through app code to find evidence of possible unreleased features. Basically, the idea is that you can attach a note to a tweet you believe could be misleading.

As of October 3, Birdwatch seems to have its own miniature survey where one can make a detailed report and take the option of deciding whether the tweet is misleading or not. You can also detail how much harm you believe might be caused by the tweet.

Twitter’s own product lead replied to one of Jane Manchun Wong’s tweets about Birdwatch saying the social media company will “share more about our plans here soon.”

It’s much too early to make judgments about the feature, if it will have an impact or not, though Birdwatch’s questionnaire seems to go somewhat deeper than current reporting tools that are available on Twitter.

Hopefully, if Birdwatch does go live, Twitter’s moderators and algorithms will take action based on the results of the questionnaire.

Source: The Verge

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