Two Chinese Doctors Show Skin Darkening After Recovering From Coronavirus


  • Two doctors stationed at Wuhan, China develop hyperpigmentation or darkening in their skins after recovering from the virus infection.
  • The Chinese state media reports that the color change is a result of hormonal imbalance from the liver damage since virus infection.
  • The two doctors worked with Dr. Li Wenliang, the coronavirus whistleblower.

The Chinese report hyperpigmentation or darkened skin observed in two doctors under life support, recovering from coronavirus infection. Dr. Yi Fan and Dr. Hu Weifeng tested positive for the virus on Jan. 18 while working to treat patients at the Wuhan Central Hospital.

The physicians were first admitted at Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital before being transferred to another facility, twice. This is according to state broadcaster CCTV.

The hormonal imbalance from the liver damage since disease infection resulted in the color change observed in their skins, per Chinese state media. These findings are rendered moot after another doctor raised suspicion, speculating that the darkening of the skin is a response to one of the drugs administered to the patients at the beginning of their treatments.  

Dr. Yi Fan, a cardiologist, was under extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) life support, providing prolonged cardiac and respiratory support for 39 days. The ECMO machine connected to the patient is similar to the heart-lung bypass machine used in open-heart surgeries, pumping blood from the body of the patient for oxygenation. This process supplies oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the blood.

 “When I first gained consciousness, especially after I got to know about my condition, I felt scared. I had nightmares often,” Dr. Yi told CCTV from his hospital bed.

The ECMO machine was connected to Dr. Hu Weifeng for 44 days, from Feb. 7 to March 22. The urologist has been incapacitated for the last 99 days, Dr. Li Shusheng, the attending physician, reports. The condition of Dr. Hu improved on April 11, regaining his ability to talk. Dr. Li says observed hyperpigmentation is expected to subside soon after liver functions improve.

Both doctors worked with Dr. Li Wenliang, the coronavirus whistleblower. Dr. Wenliang was the first to sound the alarm over the coronavirus in Wuhan, leading to his apprehension. The doctor has died on Feb. 7 from the virus infection.

Dr. Hu and Dr. Yi receive mental health support and counseling following their traumatic experiences with the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: New York Post

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