Uber removes driver for discriminating against gay couple


  • Camden County couple Jenn Mangan and Kristin Michele were reportedly kicked out by an Uber driver for being gay.
  • When Michele kissed Mangan on the cheek, the driver stopped the car and told the couple to get out.
  • Uber has since removed the driver from the app and condemned ‘discrimination in any form.’

Uber has removed a New Jersey driver from their ride-sharing app after she allegedly kicked out a couple for being gay, NJ.com reported.

Camden County couple Jenn Mangan and Kristin Michele booked a ride to a Zac Brown Band concert last Friday. The driver, identified as Cynthia, kicked them out of the car after Michele kissed Mangan on the cheek.

Michele recounted, “I gave my girlfriend a kiss on the cheek and she pulled the car over and said, ‘You need to get out of my car.’ I asked why. She said, ‘I won’t have that in my car.’ I asked what she was referring to. She said, ‘you need to get out of my car because you are gay.’”

Michele was able to record the heated exchange and has since posted the 52-second footage on Facebook.

In the clip, Michele can be heard repeatedly asking Cynthia if they were being kicked out because they’re gay. The driver turned around, said yes, and lunged at the camera. She then told them to get out. Michele argued that she had already paid for the ride, but Cynthia said that they’re in her “personal car,” and threatened to call the police.

“It’s 2019. You’re kicking me out because I’m gay,” Michele shouted.

Over a hundred Facebook users expressed their sympathy and condemned the driver for discriminating against the couple.

One commented, “I’m so sorry this happened to you!!! This is terrible!!!!!!!. I’m angry for you! [Don’t] let this crazy person ruin your night! She is in the WRONG here!”

Michele told NJ.com that the driver claimed to be a Christian who was against the couple’s lifestyle.

The couple was forced to walk half a mile home before taking the train to the concert.

Uber confirmed with the news site on Sunday that they have removed Cynthia from the app.

Spokesman Grant Klinzman declared, “Uber does not tolerate discrimination in any form and we have been in contact with this rider. We removed the driver’s access to the app as soon as we were made aware of this incident.”


Source: AOL

One thought on “Uber removes driver for discriminating against gay couple

  1. So Uber doesn’t “discriminate”…..what are they doing to that Uber driver??? The two women behaved in a way the driver didn’t agree with…..she is ENTITLED to her beliefs…just like the “gay” couple is entitled to their lifestyle…..but they don’t get to push it on other people. They were asked to vacate her personal car and refused. Typical double standard from the left ….2019 be damned!!!

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