UberEats driver who shot customer, charged with murder


  • Oh! The trendy new melliums or how ever you spell it. This country is down the tube. Cops not doing their jobs ( Fla Democrat sheriff). Crooks elected to office like “O” and Hillery and Hill. Give me the 1950,s again, life was good and just saved the world from Hitler and his crowd. Tojo in the East. A little side bar in Korea and Truman Fu-k that up. Then the Democrats screw it up, Viet Nam in 60’s.

    • Just like a republiKKKan,never take responsibility for anything.no dumb ass,it wasn’t the Democrats,but your crooked CONservatives,like Ronald Reagan, the two bushes.did you know there has never been a republiKKKan President or Congress that has balance the budget.but increase government and spending.but keep getting elected by race baiting promising white America to kill black men and babies for their vote or blame Democrats for everything because they know their base are nothing but a bunch of southern red neck idiot that’s to dumb to think for themselves or read a government accountability report and watch Fox State propaganda news who also race bait

  • Wow! Ed Bellett, your 1950’s education is not serving you well at all! Start with some grammar and spelling, then move into some real history books – not the revisionist stuff you apparently have been reading. And turn off Faux News! It’s bad for you.

    • Really Jackie F ! Who do you side with Bobby R ? The both of you have no clue, society nowadays has no idea what it means regarding human decency and respect. Everyone is out for themselves and the ole mighty dollar. Your Democratic party in the 1960s created all of the entitlement programs that millions of people are on to this day; food stamps, welfare, free phones, etc.

      The Democrats keep giving you shit to keep you in poverty so you can keep voting their asses in office. No tax payer owes you shit ! Get off your asses and get a job and stop depending on the system to give you a free ride. The system should be used for people who really need it not for some lazy ass that doesn’t want to work and better themselves.

    • Too bad you didn’t get it. That’s what happens when you just read it for commas and apostrophes. Tell you what – have someone explain it to you. Maybe then you will get the idea of what Ed said.

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