Ukraine president tells Tom Cruise ‘You’re good-looking’ during ‘business’ meeting


  • Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise met with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine this week to explore possibilities to shoot a film in the country.
  • Zelensky may have a significant role in the whistleblower scandal that has led to an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, but on Monday, he was just a fan.
  •  “You’re good-looking! Like in a movie,” Zelensky, a former actor and comedian, told Cruise as they shook hands.

Tom Cruise met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev this week to talk about possible shooting locations for a movie in the country.

While Zelensky finds himself a central character in the whistleblower scandal that has led to an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, he behaved just like a regular fan during the actor’s visit on Monday.

“You’re good-looking! Like in a movie,” the Ukrainian president told the “Top Gun: Maverick” actor while shaking his hands.

Cruise replied: “It pays the rent,” while laughing.

The “Mission: Impossible” star is exploring possibilities to shoot a movie in Ukraine and accepted an invitation from Zelensky to visit, according to a statement from the Ukrainian government. Deadline noted that Ukraine has a new law offering financial incentives to foreign film producers.

Zelensky also told the Hollywood actor-producer about his time as an actor and comedian before he was elected president, the government statement said.

Trump allegedly pushed Zelensky to dig up dirt on political rival Joe Biden and son Hunter in a July phone call that was red-flagged by a whistleblower, according to HuffPost. The House has since launched an impeachment inquiry which was formally announced by Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tuesday last week.

Zelensky, on the other hand, said that he did not feel he was pressured by Trump, who had suspended American military aid to Ukraine before the call.

Source: HuffPost

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