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Umpire Rescues Player from Dust Devil During Youth Baseball Game [Video]



In a Nutshell:

  • A dust devil formed during a youth baseball game in Jacksonville, Florida, causing a scare when it enveloped a 7-year-old player, Bauer Zoya, who was lifted to safety by the 17-year-old umpire, Aidan Wiles.
  • Wiles’ quick thinking and heroic actions were captured on video; despite initial fear, he prioritized Zoya’s safety and pulled him out of the whirlwind.
  • The dust devil dissipated quickly, allowing the game to continue shortly after the incident, with Zoya returning to the field after his dad helped clear dust from his face.

When a dust devil threatened to sweep up a little league baseball game in Jacksonville, Florida, a brave teen umpire jumped into action.

The surprising whirlwind interrupted the game at Fort Caroline Athletic Association baseball field and a particularly heart-stopping moment was caught on camera, when a seven-year-old player found himself in the eye of the storm.

The video of the unexpected event showcases the rapidly forming dust devil whipping across the field, causing players to scatter for cover.

However, it was the team’s 7-year-old catcher, Bauer Zoya, from Ponte Vedra Sharks, who found himself enveloped by the dust cone.

Bauer told WJXT-TV about his harrowing experience.

“I couldn’t breathe that much,” he recalled.


“So I held my breath and I felt like I couldn’t touch the ground. So I kind of lifted up a little bit.”

Just as the situation seemed to grow dangerous, 17-year-old umpire Aidan Wiles heroically charged into the swirling dust to lift Bauer to safety.

Although Aidan admitted the situation scared him, he found his courage when he saw Bauer trapped in the dust devil.

“At first I was freaked out myself until I saw him trapped in it,” Aidan told First Coast News.

“So, I decided to run in there and grab him out of it.”

The dust devil was short-lived and dissipated after a few moments, and the game was able to continue.

Bauer returned to the field after his dad, Brian Zoya, poured water on his face to prevent dust from entering his eyes.

Thanks to quick thinking and heroic action, what could have been a frightening event turned into a memorable moment of courage.



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