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Unhappy Meal: 4-Year-Old “Disfigured” by McDonald’s Chicken Nugget [Video]



In a Nutshell:

  • A Florida couple has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s after their 4-year-old daughter allegedly suffered second-degree burns from a “dangerously hot” chicken nugget, leaving her “disfigured and scarred.” The jury found the McDonald’s franchisee partially liable for negligence and failing to warn about the risk of hot food.
  • The lawsuit suggests that McDonald’s had a “duty” not to sell nuggets that were “defective, harmful, and unfit for human handling,” and raises questions about safety protocols in fast food. The couple is now demanding $15,000 in compensatory damages for their daughter’s injuries and distress.
  • McDonald’s disagreed with the verdict, assuring customers it will continue serving Chicken McNuggets safely. Meanwhile, the franchisee expressed sympathies but maintained the restaurant’s cooking protocols were followed. A second jury will now decide on the compensation amount.

In an era where quick service and convenience reign supreme, we’ve all become familiar with the occasional tongue scorch from a too-hot cup of coffee or a freshly microwaved burrito. But a chicken nugget? That’s a new one.

In a saga that can only be described as “Fried and Furious,” a Florida couple is giving a whole new meaning to “hot food.” They’ve taken on the fast-food giant McDonald’s after their 4-year-old daughter was allegedly left “disfigured and scarred” by a scalding McNugget from a Happy Meal.

According to the Associated Press, the jury held the franchisee partially liable for negligence and failing to warn customers about the risk of hot food. McDonald’s itself was found to have dropped the ball on providing safe handling instructions, though not deemed negligent. The lawsuit raises the burning question: just how careful should food producers be?

This culinary calamity took place in Tamarac, a quiet Fort Lauderdale suburb known more for its golf courses than its legal drama. As per court documents, the mother, Philana Holmes, purchased the six-piece Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal, presumably expecting it to be a source of joy, not pain.

However, the nuggets were allegedly hotter than a Florida summer afternoon, leading to a burn on the child’s thigh, trapped behind her seatbelt. The kid’s meal suddenly wasn’t so “Happy.”

This food fiasco has cooked up debate about the safety protocols for fast food. If a McNugget can be a weapon of mass discomfort, what does that say about the temperatures we’re cooking our food to? Should Happy Meal boxes come with a warning label: “Caution: contents may cause unexpected trip to the emergency room”?


The lawsuit suggests McDonald’s had a “duty” not to sell nuggets that were “defective, harmful, and unfit for human handling.” That’s a tall order, considering that most of us just hope they remembered the extra barbecue sauce.

The couple is now demanding $15,000 in compensatory damages, citing medical expenses and their daughter’s “pain, suffering, mental anguish and emotional distress.” Clearly, this is a nugget of trouble McDonald’s could have done without.

While McDonald’s called the incident “unfortunate,” it disagreed with the verdict and assured customers it will continue serving Chicken McNuggets safely. Meanwhile, the franchisee expressed sympathies but stood by the restaurant’s cooking protocols.

McDonald’s lawyer, Scott Yount, added a nugget of his own, suggesting the child had dropped all six nuggets onto her lap and the burn was from “the one location where the McNugget was trapped by the seatbelt for two minutes.”

As we await the decision on damages, let’s spare a thought for the humble chicken nugget. Once a simple, beloved fast-food staple, it’s now at the center of a heated debate.

Just remember, folks: always handle your nuggets with care. After all, you never know when one might just be too hot to trot.




  1. Barb

    May 17, 2023 at 7:12 pm

    She burnt her tongue and that’s worth $15,000??? Why don’t you blow on it like most parents do before giving your child hot food. And you’d complain if they were cold nuggets too I’m guessing SMH

    • Bass

      May 17, 2023 at 9:56 pm

      Burnt her leg, not her tongue.

    • Randy Varnadore

      May 18, 2023 at 3:18 pm

      Did you not read the article? The child’s leg got burned after she had dropped a nugget and it fell onto her leg. That saying I suppose she would have sued if the food had not been hot enough; for her liking. The food needs to be an adequate temperature, to assure the food is properly cooked. I would say common sense should be in play here. The responsibility is at least partially on that mother. This is fast food, especially, in the drive-thru; the workers don’t have the time to inspect the food, before it has been delivered, to the customers.

  2. Judith A Carlson

    May 17, 2023 at 7:14 pm

    Crapola! If it was too hot she would have automatically dropped it unless, of course, she has no feeling whatsoever in her fingers, such as would occur if she had leprosy. I’m a great-grandmother and have more than once seen one of my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren touch something – not even go so far as to pick up – and pull their fingers away because it was too hot. Unless they were sticking their fingers into hot oil or boiling water there would be no damage. These frivolous lawsuits are getting out of hand, clogging the courts, and costing taxpayers’ money. Enough already!

  3. Doug Litchfield

    May 17, 2023 at 8:17 pm

    Probably marred from prior abuse.

  4. Old Man

    May 17, 2023 at 9:02 pm

    Why are the parents not held responsible for this? When my kids were four years old, I would always make sure the food had cooled down before giving it to them. These parents should be arrested for child abuse.

  5. Bass

    May 17, 2023 at 9:26 pm

    Well here we go again, another false suit. Totally Moms fault if it really happened. To me that doesn’t look like a burn, not from a nugget. It looks like she got a Hole in her Leg. Are they saying it melted a hole in her leg. Maybe she did get burnt and mom left it get infected thats why the pick looks all bloody. I hope they check hospital records to see when they say it happened. See a rec from McD’s for just before the hospital visit. I think they just want money and are taking a chance. If it’s true I’m sure they would have ask for more. I hope the 2nd trail on gives them a Dollar or 2 and tells them to F**K OFF.

  6. Bass

    May 17, 2023 at 9:57 pm

    The picks look more like a stick stuck her or someone stuck her with something. Never saw a burn that had a hole like that does. There is something Fishy going on and it’s not a McD’s Fish Fillet.

  7. Spyder

    May 17, 2023 at 10:17 pm

    How did it get the Car Seat? How long was she forced to sit on this hot Nugget until it caused a burn like that. I agree with the other comments like; what were the parents doing, sounds like B.S., someone looking for easy money. If they were in N.Y. those crazy liberals would award them 15,000,000. STOP THIS INSANITY!

  8. Shirley

    May 18, 2023 at 1:38 am

    Your are lucky to get nuggets that are barely warm let alone scolding hot
    This is a bunch of BS. Just someone looking for a quick buck. That doesn’t look anything like a burn from a nugget. This kind of crap needs to stop.Jopefully the Looney tunes on the second phase will see through this & not award them much of anything.

  9. Anelle

    June 17, 2023 at 5:01 pm

    I don’t think the accusation is true at all…. I have been scalded, burned while cooking but the burn and/or the scalding never produced a wound nor bled! ! ! The burned area or scalded skin produced a raised/popped skin filled with fluid but no blood or wound as shown in the picture provided by the victim’s parents. This is totally a scam, just unbelievable. Also it’s common sense that parents should and always tell their children that ordering hot fried food in drive-ins eateries are definitely hot and therefore should caution their kids to be very careful or check it out first before putting the hot food in their mouth.

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Lactose Overload: Russian Cafe’s Breast Milk Latte Prank Stirred More Than Just Coffee



In a Nutshell:

  • Coffee Smile, a cafe chain in Perm, Russia, caused a stir by advertising that they would serve coffee made with human breast milk, which resulted in widespread social media attention and mixed reactions from the public.
  • Owner Maxim Kobelev clarified that it was a marketing hoax intended to promote the business after the buzz escalated, attracting national interest and prompting investigations by the local food safety authority.
  • Despite the controversy, Kobelev reported an uptick in business, with patrons curious to try the unusual beverage. He served them a blend of goat and almond milk instead, stating that it had a similar taste to breast milk.

In the world of oddities, this one might make you squirm in your seat.

A cafe in Perm, Russia, recently created a frothy buzz after suggesting they were planning to add a rather controversial ingredient to their lattes: human breast milk.

Yep, we’re not kidding.

Coffee Smile, a local cafe chain in Perm, sparked a national uproar after posters advertising the unusual new addition to their beverages started popping up around their stores.

Soon after, the chain’s owner, Maxim Kobelev, released a promotional video.

In the video, a young mother and breast milk supplier for the café says, “I recently went on maternity leave and saw that a lot of breast milk is required.”


“I have a lot of it. The child eats just a little, so I thought: why not earn extra money? I even made coffee with breast milk for my husband, he liked it.”

Talk about mixing business and motherhood!

Kobelev assured intrigued (and perhaps horrified) customers that the breast milk would be safely sourced, with all mothers tested for health assurance.

In the early stages, only about 40-45 breast milk-infused drinks were planned to be served.

However, they aimed to foam up the production to around 1,000 beverages by year’s end.

A drink would set you back 650 rubles, or about $8.

Once the video went viral, social media blew up like a well-steamed milk frother.

Many wondered if it was a hoax, or if Russia’s food safety authority, the Rospotrebnadzor, was going to get involved.


A local deputy even conducted a poll asking if people were game to try these unique coffee drinks.

The results were frothy: 46% said ‘never,’ while 23% admitted they were ready to give it a try.

Just as things were beginning to boil over, Kobelev revealed the truth behind the entire spectacle.

There would be no breast milk lattes.

It was, in fact, a gimmick; a marketing ploy whipped up when a breastfeeding mother appeared at a company meeting.

“We did not prepare or sell coffee with breast milk,” Kobelev clarified in a press release, likely easing a few jittery nerves.

He added that using breast milk for coffee production was illegal, a handy fact he probably should’ve brewed on earlier.

As it turns out, the scandal was a good brew for business.


Kobelev confessed that people started visiting his cafes asking for the unusual drink.

For those genuinely interested in the brew, Kobelev prepared a drink with a blend of goat and almond milk.

“The taste is very similar,” he stated, a knowledge he acquired as a father of two children.

While no actual laws were broken, this quirky news story has undoubtedly left a strong aftertaste in the public’s mouth.

At least for now, Coffee Smile has decided to stick with the usual milk options.

We’ll raise our plain, old lattes to that!


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For Sale: High School Listed as Single-Family Home in Oklahoma



In a Nutshell:

  • An old high school in Burbank, Oklahoma, originally built in 1924, is listed for sale as a single-family home for a remarkably low price of $60,000.
  • The 17,408-square-foot property boasts five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and even features an indoor basketball court, preserving its athletic heritage.
  • Prospective buyers have the opportunity to unleash their imagination and transform this historic building into their dream home or explore its potential as a unique commercial space.

In the realm of unusual real estate listings, a peculiar gem has emerged in the form of an old high school in Burbank, Oklahoma.

This historic 17,408-square-foot building, originally known as Burbank High School, has hit the market as a single-family home, listed for the surprisingly modest price of $60,000.

If you’ve ever dreamt of living in a quirky space with a rich history, this might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Constructed way back in 1924, this former educational institution has since transformed into a potentially unconventional living space.

The listing on Zillow proudly boasts of the property’s five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and, most intriguingly, an indoor basketball court.

Yes, you read that right—an indoor basketball court!

It seems the spirit of athleticism has lingered long after the school’s closure in 1968.

According to the real estate listing, the old high school presents a myriad of possibilities for its future owners.


“There is plenty of opportunity to make this property your own,” the listing gushes.

“The large lot size and open floor plan provide endless opportunities. With some imagination, this could be the perfect home for you.”

Imagine the creativity that could be unleashed within those spacious walls—a home theater, an artist’s studio, or perhaps even an eccentric museum of oddities.

Not limited to residential use, the realty firm behind the listing suggests that the versatile structure could easily be converted into a commercial space.

So, for those entrepreneurs out there seeking a distinctive building to house their business, this peculiar property might just be the answer to your offbeat aspirations.

Situated at 450 McCorkle Ave. in Burbank, OK, this extraordinary residence has been on the market since May 19, beckoning curious buyers to explore its unconventional charm.

The listing emphasizes that the property remains active on multiple listing services, ensuring its continued presence in the real estate spotlight.

If you’re looking for a conversation starter or a home that breaks the mold, this old high school turned single-family home is a rare find.


With its intriguing history, spacious rooms, and the potential for imaginative transformations, it holds the promise of a truly one-of-a-kind living experience.

So, if you’re in the market for a dash of quirkiness blended with an affordable price tag, this Oklahoma oddity might just be your dream come true.


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Woman Ditches Stressful Job to Become “Full-Time Daughter”



In a Nutshell:

  • Nianan, a 40-year-old woman in China, traded her high-stress news agency job for the role of a ‘full-time daughter,’ accepting a monthly allowance of 4,000 yuan (US$570) from her parents and sparking substantial discussion on social media.
  • Despite critics labeling the decision as ‘ken lao,’ or relying on one’s parents, Nianan enjoys a fulfilling daily routine, including dancing, cooking with her parents, handling tech issues, driving, and organizing family outings, while still feeling the pressure to earn more.
  • This unconventional career path presents an alternative to the strenuous ‘996’ work schedule prevalent in China, resonating with digitally nomadic and financially independent youth seeking to escape traditional work constraints, but also eliciting debate about familial roles and responsibilities.

The day in, day out 9-5 grind can be too much to bear.

But have you ever considered becoming a professional family member?

One woman in China did just that, and it’s ruffled some feathers.

Nianan, aged 40, chucked in her stressful job at a news agency after a reshaping of her role left her on-call 24/7.

Finding solace in her parents’ words, “Why don’t you just quit your job? We’ll take care of you financially,” she stepped into a new, unconventional career.

With a monthly allowance of 4,000 yuan (US$570) from her parents’ pension, Nianan took the plunge and became a ‘full-time daughter.’

This isn’t a euphemism for her sitting on the couch all day, munching on snacks, and binge-watching dramas, though.

Nianan has embraced a routine chock-full of familial bonding.


Mornings are spent dancing and grocery shopping with her parents, while evenings are reserved for communal cooking with her dad.

She’s the go-to tech guru in the house, the family chauffeur, and the organizer of monthly family outings.

Despite the laid-back lifestyle, the lure of financial independence is still a potent call.

Nianan acknowledges that her “biggest source of pressure is still the desire to earn more money.”

But her parents continue to offer comforting advice: find a more suitable job if you wish, or just enjoy being home with us.

Nianan’s ‘full-time daughter’ role offers a fresh twist on the pursuit of financial independence, voluntary employment, and liberation from the infamous ‘996’ grind (9am-9pm, six days a week) in China.

It’s a route that’s gaining traction with the digital nomads and the financially independent youth, in a society where the labor market is brutally competitive.

Of course, the internet’s verdict on this novel profession is a mixed bag.


Critics label it as ‘ken lao,’ a Chinese term translating to ‘eating the old’ or relying on one’s parents.

Some argue it’s a euphemism for a cushy lifestyle, with one contrarian noting, “If evaluated in the labor market, the daughter’s [salary] would be overpaid by 4000 yuan.”

Yet, there’s a cohort that applauds Nianan’s decision.

If it brings joy to both the parents and their children, why not embrace it?

“If some people consider it ken lao, then why not exchange children to take care of the elderly in each other’s families?” one supporter commented.

In this case, the ‘job’ of a daughter takes on a whole new meaning.

With love as the primary KPI, and happiness as the ultimate ROI, perhaps we should be looking at our family roles through a different lens.

Now, would anyone like to join Nianan and start a ‘full-time son’ gig?



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