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Up in Smoke: Government Worker Fined $11K for Lighting Up on the Job



In a Nutshell:

  • A civil servant in Osaka, Japan, was fined $11,000 for smoking during work hours over 4,500 times in 14 years.
  • Osaka has strict smoking laws, including a ban on smoking at government premises and during work hours for government employees.
  • Similar cases have been reported in Japan, with fines imposed on individuals caught smoking at work, highlighting the costly consequences of this habit.

Imagine getting fined $11,000 for smoking on the job. Well, that’s exactly what happened to a civil servant in Osaka, Japan, who was recently caught puffing away during work hours – over 4,500 times in 14 years! Talk about an expensive vice!

The 61-year-old director-level employee, whose name has not been disclosed, was found guilty of violating the “duty of devotion” under the Local Public Service Act. A thorough investigation revealed that he had smoked a total of 4,512 times at work during the past 14 and a half years, equivalent to a staggering 355 hours and 19 minutes of lost productivity. That’s a lot of smoke breaks!

Possessed Photography (Unsplash)

It all started when the civil servant and two of his colleagues came under scrutiny after anonymous complaints were lodged against them for their smoking habits. Despite warnings from their supervisors, they continued to light up during work hours and even lied about it during an interview. But the truth eventually caught up with them, and the civil servant was slapped with a hefty fine of 1.44 million yen ($11,000) and a six-month 10 percent wage reduction penalty. Ouch, talk about a costly habit!

What makes this case even more interesting is that Osaka has some of the strictest smoking laws in the world. Smoking has been banned on government premises, including offices and public schools, for over two decades. In 2019, a ban on smoking during work hours for government employees was also introduced. But it seems like our civil servant friend missed the memo and kept lighting up, only to be caught red-handed and hit with a hefty penalty.

People’s reactions to the fine have been mixed. Some sympathize with the civil servant, arguing that having to go off-site for a smoke would have wasted even more time. After all, who wants to leave the office just for a quick puff? Others pointed out that time wasting at work can come in many forms, such as sipping tea, snacking, or chatting, but those are not punishable offenses, so why should smoking be any different?

This isn’t the first time such a case has come to light in Japan. In 2019, a teacher was ordered to pay back one million yen in salary earnings after being found guilty of taking around 3,400 illicit smoke breaks during work hours. It seems like smoking on the job is a costly affair in Japan!

So, the next time you feel the urge to light up at work, think twice. Unless you want to risk burning a hole in your pocket like our civil servant friend in Osaka. As the saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” – or in this case, a hefty fine and a dent in your salary. Stay smoke-free and keep that paycheck intact!

Source: Oddity Central

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1 Comment

  1. Snake Bliskin

    April 14, 2023 at 7:32 pm

    The smoking regulations in Osaka can’t be that strict if the guy got away with smoking 4,500 times for 14 years before he was fined.

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Pregnant Teen Says She’s Carrying Evil Spirit’s Baby



In a Nutshell:

  • A 19-year-old Colombian woman, claiming to have never been with a man, asserts she was impregnated by an ‘evil spirit’, sparking a spirited debate on social media.
  • Following strange dreams and a sense of supernatural presences, along with her missing periods, a visit to the gynecologist confirmed her pregnancy.
  • Despite some skepticism and accusations of her fabricating the story, there are also supporters who believe her claims, citing they’ve heard similar stories before.

When it comes to tales of the unexpected, this one is surely one for the books.

A 19-year-old woman from Colombia, who says she has never been romantically involved with a man, now insists that her current pregnancy is the work of an ‘evil spirit.’

A supernatural Casanova, if you will.

The Colombian teen has been stirring up all kinds of chatter on Latino social media after she boldly told TV Malambo, a local media outlet, that she’s convinced her pregnancy is a supernatural event.

According to her, she began having strange dreams and experienced eerie presences in her room.

Then suddenly, she stopped having her period, leading her mother to rush her to a gynecologist, who declared her pregnant.


She made the claim inn a statement that almost reads like a novel.

“I have not been with any man, suddenly I stopped menstruating and my mother took me to the health center for a check-up and there I found out that I got pregnant.”

The young woman accepts that her story is difficult to swallow and confesses that she herself is puzzled about her mysterious pregnancy.

However, this hasn’t stopped the internet from erupting into a spirited (pun intended) debate.

Some skeptics suggest she concocted the story to dodge parental wrath, while others back her claim, swearing they’ve heard of similar instances.

One supporter commented, “She is telling the truth, I have heard of other cases like this. The last thing her father or mother should do is kick her out of the family home.”

It should be noted that in Colombia, teen pregnancies are more common than in most countries worldwide.

But this is definitely not your average teen pregnancy story.


In fact, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first ‘supernaturally-induced’ pregnancy we’ve heard about.

Just last year, an Indonesian woman claimed she got pregnant after a gust of wind swept through her.

With stories like these, who needs Netflix for entertainment?


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The ‘Amazon Jungle Book’: 4 Kids Survive 40-Day Ordeal After Plane Crash [Video]



In a Nutshell:

  • Four indigenous children, ranging in age from 11 months to 13 years old, were found in the Amazon jungle 40 days after the crash of their small plane.
  • Their survival is hailed as a miracle, and it’s noted that they must have survived on available resources in the jungle.
  • Search efforts involved tracking dogs, the military, and indigenous communities, with footprints believed to belong to one of the children aiding the successful rescue mission.

In a real-life saga that puts any Hollywood survival drama to shame, four indigenous kids, including a baby, made it through a whopping 40 days in the Amazon jungle after their plane crashed.

These extraordinary children, members of the Uitoto Indigenous community and aged from 11 months to 13 years, went from “missing presumed gnawed” to “survivors extraordinaire” in a twist that had Colombian President, Gustavo Petro, lauding them as national heroes.

“They themselves are an example of survival that will go down in history,” Petro declared at a news conference.

“Today, those children are the children of peace and the children of Colombia.”

Their health remains a mystery, with doctors yet to make that call.

“Their health must be frail,” speculated Petro, making us all picture these tykes going full ‘Bear Grylls’ to survive.


Petro also said, “We need to see into their mental health.”

The children, identified as Lesly, Soleiny, Tien, and baby Cristin, survived when their plane, in an unfortunate game of ‘nose goes,’ buried its snout in the Colombian jungle after an engine failure.

While the wreckage was discovered two weeks later with three unfortunate adult casualties, the quartet was nowhere to be found.

In a plot twist that would have hardened detectives smiling, footprints believed to belong to one of the kids sparked hope they were still alive.

The search continued with tracking dogs, armed forces, and local Indigenous communities, proving once and for all that you should never bet against local knowledge when it comes to jungles.

President Petro took time to credit both the military and the indigenous communities.

“The work between armed forces and Indigenous communities — who obviously know the jungle better than we do — that work was successful,” he said.


It was a show of unity that makes the phrase “It takes a village” seem a bit inadequate.

In the end, it was the indigenous communities and military who found the kids, marking a happy ending to a tale that will no doubt be remembered as the ‘Miracle of the Amazon.’

Hollywood, are you listening?


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Don’t Try This at Home: YouTuber’s Deadly Jellyfish Soup Stirs the Pot [Video]



In a Nutshell:

  • Popular Japanese YouTuber ‘homosapi’ stirred up a controversy by cooking and eating a broth made from Portuguese Man-o-Wars, a marine organism known for its deadly sting, in a video for his over one million subscribers.
  • While the YouTuber reported no ill effects and described the taste as similar to scallops, marine experts strongly cautioned against trying to recreate the risky recipe, due to the potential for remaining toxicity and risk of inhaling poisonous fumes during cooking.
  • Despite having a health professional present during the stunt, homosapi’s video has sparked a debate about responsible content creation, and experts are urging the public to avoid attempting to cook or consume dangerous marine creatures like the Man-o-War.

In what might be the next “do not try this at home” viral sensation, popular Japanese YouTuber ‘homosapi’ has stirred the pot, quite literally, with a marine menace: the Portuguese Man-o-War.

To his over one million subscribers, he served up a video of himself cooking and slurping a broth made from these dangerous dwellers of the deep.

Known for their venomous sting capable of immobilizing or even killing its prey, the Portuguese Man-o-War is not your usual soup du jour.

However, homosapi was not deterred, having been inspired by adventurous eaters who allegedly claimed the venomous creature’s broth was as delectable as the finest delicacy.

Seeking not only the thrill of the culinary dare but also the promise of viral views, homosapi and his friends embarked on a beach trip, hunting for washed-up Man-o-Wars.

Once they’d bagged their jelly-like prizes, the YouTuber proceeded to cook them into a wobbly blob.

He added veggies, sauces, and a suspect pinch of MSG before diving in with a daring taste test.


His verdict?

It’s somewhat scallop-esque, with no apparent ill effects.

While the YouTuber may have taken the phrase “anything for views” quite literally, marine life experts were quick to condemn the stunt.

Warning the public against recreating this risky recipe, they emphasized that while a boiled Man-o-War might lose some of its toxicity, there’s no guarantee that the potent, protein-based poison is completely neutralized.

Shuhei Ikeda, a jellyfish breeder at the Kamo Aquarium, also highlighted the danger of inhaling toxic fumes during the cooking process, which could result in serious allergies and breathing issues.

In an attempt to counterbalance the wild stunt, homosapi revealed that a health professional was on hand throughout the precarious cooking show.

Nonetheless, the video continues to raise eyebrows and spark debates about responsible content creation.

So, folks, let’s stick to more traditional soup ingredients, shall we?


Leave the Man-o-Wars to the marine experts, not the daredevil YouTubers.


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