"Vaccine-ready" outfits make fashion trend comeback

“Vaccine-ready” outfits make fashion trend comeback


  • Celebrities have revived an old fashion trend by wearing a “vaccine-ready” outfit with cutouts, allowing for easy access to vaccination.
  • The “cold shoulder” trend was actually from years back and is now being revived.
  • Fashion groups and brands have hopped on the trend, too.

COVID-19 brings another element in the new normal it made: a vaccine-ready fashion fad. The trend is a resurgence of an old outfit, actually.

Dolly Parton could have started it all with her “perfect vaccine outfit” while getting Moderna’s vaccine in March. She donated $1 million to fund it, by the way. Her top, besides being sparkly, has cut-out shoulders so she wouldn’t need to roll up her sleeves.


Parton’s functional outfit seemingly led others to follow suit. Even Hillary Clinton called for the rebirth of this fashion on Instagram.

With a throwback photo in one of her first White House events as first lady, Clinton said, “Loved seeing @dollyparton bring back the cold shoulder as a vaccination look. Shall we make this a trend?” That look was “controversial” at that time, Clinton said.

This has all the more sparked Parton’s fans to revive the look.

“There’s definately [sic] been a Dolly effect with the cold shoulder tops at the centre I work at,” one tweeted. Another added, “Cold Shoulder tops should now be referred to exclusively as vaccination tops.”

Supermodel Christie Brinkley has already taken on the fad with her own cutout top worn during her second vaccine dose in March.

Amy Schumer wore her “fanciest dress” with an arm hole she ripped off herself when she had her inoculation this week.

TV icons aren’t the only ones putting this trend in the limelight. Several clothing brands and fashion magazines are riding on it, too.

Prada has launched its cutout turtleneck top worth $1,150, featuring several circle holes on the sleeves. The brand had Anya Taylor-Joy to carry the outfit on Vanity Fair’s April 2021 cover and Este Haim to have the periwinkle version for the 2021 Grammys red carpet.

But Jennifer Lopez took it to a “hole” new level with her Maison Margiela mesh-like jacket and pants, with cutouts all over the suit.


Source: Page Six

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