Video Game Simulation Predicts Chiefs To Beat Bucs at Super Bowl LV [Video]


  • For Super Bowl LV’s simulation this year, Madden NFL forecast the Kansas City Chiefs to win the championship against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes bagged the Most Valuable Player award, winning against Bucs’ Tom Brady.
  • If the Chiefs gets the title on Monday, Madden’s prediction would be correct for two consecutive years.

In a matter of days, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will battle for the Super Bowl LV at the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida.

The EA Sports’ Madden NFL franchise ━ in its annual tradition of running a simulation ━ predicted that Monday’s championship will go to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

In the simulation, the Chiefs have it winning as Mahomes would have a go-ahead touchdown using his legs on a 12-yard fourth quarter to grab the 34-27 lead. With four touchdowns, 422 yards throw, and 31 out of 41 passes, the Chiefs’ quarterback bagged the Most Valuable Player award. It would be back-to-back titles for the Chiefs if they will defeat the Bucs in the actual game.

Meanwhile, Bucs’ Tom Brady got 30 out of 44 passes for 322 yards, three touchdowns, and one intercept.

Should Kansas City secure the victory, it would be the second consecutive time that Madden’s forecast comes true. Last year, the simulation game also had the Chiefs winning against the San Francisco 49ers.

Before last year, however, Madden also made two consecutive wrong predictions after prophesying that New England Patriots would defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII and the Los Angeles Rams to win against the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII.

On February 8, the annual prediction will again be put to the test. The world would also see whether Mahomes will now be the best quarterback or it would still be the 43-year-old Brady.

Source: CBS San Francisco

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