Vietnam vet dies after being bitten by ants at nursing home


  • It’s really nice how Vietnam vets are treated. They get bitten to death in nursing homes, while gutless coward draft dodgers play golf at Mar-A-Lago. Nice.

    • Instead of blaming someone else, blame the people who were at the facility, they were supposed to care for the sick. When they saw those critters they should of moved him out of the building.!!!!!! Family should sue that facility, also the workers..

  • Reading this article makes my blood boil. My dad was a WWII Veteran also and I had to ALWAYS be on top of those workers all the time day and night for the care they gave. It basically sucked and my dad also got robbed by some of them. They were quite lucky I never found out who they were as none of them would be on this earth plane anymore. What a total disgrace for this poor woman’s dad a Veteran for his country to be left to die with ants all over his body. Fire every staff member who supposedly took care of him, realign the care and caregivers, clean up their act and I hope and pray this poor woman hires an attorney and sues the you know what out of them and wins a bundle and shows presidence for others !

  • I honestly think that some people treat animals better than humans. This man survived the war in terrible conditions only to die from ant bites. ONE bite would be enough to move a patient get exterminator to treat area.

    I work in South Florida , the hospital that I work in responded to the nursing home after a hurricane when patients were left in the heat to die. This was a horrible. Patients where given room fans and ice water to cool off. What are the healthcare administrators thinking…

    Protect the elderly they are unable to protect themselves!

    • In MY opinion…if the conditions weren’t up to snuff BEFORE he was bitten by all of those ants, the FAMILY should have moved him out of there and into a DECENT nursing home, and if they were visiting him as they said…they lived in close enough proximity to keep better tabs on the dad that they “care so much” about. Can’t believe that the staff in this place checked on their resident very often at all for the ants to have taken over so badly. Sad story all around.

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