Visiting this Europe island in summer will get you paid

Visiting this Europe island in summer will get you paid


  • Malta is jumpstarting its tourism economy by attracting visitors during the summer.
  • Tourists directly booking a three-night stay at select hotels, with three-to-five-star ratings, will earn for every night of stay.
  • The nation will be officially open to travelers on June 1.

What’s more rewarding than having to spend a summer vacation while getting paid for it?

This is the tourism strategy of Malta, an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast, to revive the nation’s tourism.

Based on a Friday announcement, Malta Tourism Authority will pay visitors who book a three-night stay directly with selected hotels with at least a three-star rating.

On every booking, tourists staying at select properties will get €100 (about $119) for five-star hotels, €75 (about $89) for four-star hotels, and €50 (about $60) for three-star hotels.

According to Reuters, Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo said that those amounts will be matched by the hotels, doubling them at every level — making visitors earn up to €200 (about $238) for their three-night stay at a five-star hotel.

Additionally, tourists who will go to see Gozo, Malta’s smaller island, will get another 10% incentive.

The country has allotted €3,500,000 (about $4.1 million) to the tourism plan, hoping that it can attract over 35,000 visitors.

According to World Travel and Tourism Council data, 27% of the nation’s economy is from tourism, which was significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic when it led to an 80% drop in tourists.

Malta will be officially open to travelers on June 1, Tuesday.

Currently, the country is still under partial lockdowns. Childcare and schools reopened on April 12, and elderly home visits have also been reallowed. Meanwhile, nonessential shops and services will reopen on Monday, April 26.

With 29,614 COVID-19 cases and 402 deaths, Malta is at level 4 “very high level of COVID-19” advisory. The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention advised Americans to avoid any unnecessary travel.


Source: Travel + Leisure

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