Walmart Announces Case of Coronavirus, Company-Wide Emergency Leave Policy Ensues


  • Top U.S retail company Walmart confirms that one of their associates has been tested positive of COVID-19.
  • The Walmart associate is now confined, under medical care, and is expected to recover.
  • Walmart offers remuneration options to its U.S associates amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

American multinational retail company, Walmart (WMT), has devised an emergency leave procedure as a response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

It was reported that one of the worker’s of U.S’ prime employer, has been tested positive for the Coronavirus.

WMT U.S CEO, John Furner, announced through an official letter for all its 1.4 million associates in the U.S that health is the company’s top priority. The CEO also reiterated that Walmart encourages any associate who does not feel well to rest at home.

The memo also confirmed that an associate on one of their stores, particularly in Cynthiana, Kentucky, was diagnosed with Coronavirus.

The Walmart president also assured everyone that the associate who was tested positive for COVID-19 is already under medical care, and she is now recovering.

Walmart also said that it closely coordinates with the state and medical experts. As a measure, the company has improved its sanitizing and cleaning procedures in all its stores across the country.

In the same memo, Walmart identified three different conditions where employees can utilize the updated emergency leave policy.

The first one on the list says that if an associate is not a good condition to work, or not comfortable to perform work,  they have the option not to leave home. John further said Walmart is to waive its attendance incidence rule over the end of next month, April.

The memo also noted that for an associate to earn, they might use their regular paid time off options.

The second condition, as stipulated on the same memo, says if any Walmart store, office, or any other facility undergoes an obligatory quarantine, affected employees shall receive up to two weeks of salary.

Non-attendance during that period will not be considered an absence.

Walmart decided to set it for two weeks based on the health authorities’ recommendation on Coronavirus quarantine periods. 

Furner said that the third circumstance involves being tested positive to the Coronavirus, and if any associate catches the virus,  the employee is to be compensated with up to two weeks of pay, and provision for additional if necessary.

Walmart further gives any associate that will not be able to go back to work after two weeks, an additional emergency pay of up to 26 weeks, and this applies to both full-time hourly-paid part-time associates.

Source: AOL

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