Walmart Pulls “Impeach 45” Shirts As Boycott Threats Escalate


    • You never had it so good for 8 years. At least there was no threat to this country of a nuclear attack and the economy went into full swing and employment numbers went up markedly during that time. Our relationship with our allies was amenable and in good order. Now the UK, Canada, Germany, France and other European nations are questioning how much support they can receive from the US. We are sitting on a powder keg that won’t take much to ignite.

      If you are supporting this juvenile acting megalomaniac, you don’t care about this country and its future in the world order. WAKE AND SMELL THE ROSES.

      • We see your part of the ‘ Go Along..Get Along’ crowd…despite the inequities, and one-sided International trade Agreements, that benefited other nations and robbed America of millions of jobs, industry, and lined the pockets of Globalists, in the US Gov’t. This is the first President, to amend the lop-sided trade agreements that fattened the wallets of other nations, that got rich off the backs of Americans. NO MORE. Your Ex President Obama, did more damage to America, than you obviously don’t know about or care about, per your diatribe. Our so-called allies got FAT off of America’s little or no tariff policies and why shouldn’t they be happy about NAFTA or GATT. America was getting screwed. This is the first President in years, that has the backbone to stand up to foreign nations and demand fairness of trade that’ll put Americans back to work and food on their tables. This IS as it should be. America is the worlds leader among nations. We rebuilt Asian nations…rebuilt Europe, pay the bulk of funds for NATO, the UN, and a host of other organizations. We ARE the most generous nation on the planet.
        So, ‘G’-Whiz.. I suggest you revisit your history and turn off your CNN Snewz programming disinfo station, and Get a dose of reality. You’ll find the fresh air exhilarating,when you leave the swamp.

      • Usually I would simply sigh and say a Ptayer for you and end by saying to myself “God’s got this!: but in your case I would like to add two words………………….Brain Dead!

    • Your right on the money. Worst in US History. He was in fact, working against our Republic.
      a little known incident occurred recently and that is..Obama has been trying to leave the country and immigrate
      to NZ, Austrailia, and elsewhere with no success. Why?.. because, Obama has been under investigation for public funds he gave to Iran Gov’t. during his failed negotiations, at the time. Well, Justice prevailed and the Court ruled that Obama must pay back $400million, which includes any proceeds from his Book, and any speaking fees he’s previously gotten or going to get, and forfeiture of properties, to PAY BACK what he gave Iran, which he had no lawful right to do, per court documents. So, sometimes justice is slow, in coming but, when it does… it can put a smile on your this ruling certainly does. Goodbye..Obama, don’t let the exit door of America hit you in your back-forty, if you return to your real country of birth, Mumbasa, Kenya.

      • Working against our Repiblic?
        Fox Snooze-birther about getting rid of the mortgage-driven recession, bailing out the auto industry, providing health care to 20+ million Americans,killing Osama Bin Laden, unemployment cut in half,reformed Wall Street ? And Donnie has done a great job of surrounding himself with the best and the brightest-19 indictments and counting.

      • Please let me know what court decreed this and when. I am hopeful that it is true but have not heard a word about it.

        Thank you for giving me the answers.

  • A retailer should have the right to sell any items that are not in bad taste or sexually explicit. This is a free country, at least it was the last time I looked. “Make America Great Again” merchandise is being sold with no restrictions. Opposing opinions should also be salable as well. This is not an autocracy but a democracy, and this forcing a retailer to pull an item for sale from its inventory is a violation of the First Amendment.

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