Watch: Man attempting to sneak into plane by climbing onto its wing before takeoff


  • Video footage shared on social media showed a man running towards a plane while it was about to takeoff as passengers of the aircraft watched in shock.
  • After the plane stopped, the man scaled up one of the plane’s engines until he reached the plane’s left wing.
  • It turned out that the man wanted to travel to Ghana and was attempting to board the plane in secret.

Last week, a man climbed onto a moving aircraft’s wing before takeoff in an attempt to secretly creep aboard a flight to a Nigerian city.

In a video that garnered almost 3,000 likes and nearly 800 comments from shocked Instagram users, an unidentified man was seen clambering up the Boeing 737 engine until he reached the top of the plane’s left wing as passengers of the plane incredulously watched.

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Otto Orondaam, an executive director at a nonprofit organization who shared the video wrote, “For 30 minutes we have been stuck at the runway at MMIA by an unidentified man who ran to the aircraft with a bag. Security has not showed up and everyone is panicking.”

Orondaam added that as the moving plane was preparing for takeoff, the pilot and some passengers saw the man running towards the plane and allegedly has thrown a bag into one of the engines. Immediately, the pilot slowed down and turned off the engine.

Operated by Azman Air, the Boeing was scheduled to fly to Port Harcourt International Airport from Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. However, according to the blog One Mile at a Time, the man is headed for Ghana.

Latest updates from Orondaam states that following the incident, the man was arrested while all passengers were requested to disembark.

He wrote, “[Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria] authorities showed up 23 minutes into the scene but were scared to approach him. Security eventually shows up after 37 minutes.”



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