Watch: Russian Artist Makes Guitar Out of 107 iPhones


  • A Russian Artist builds guitars out unconventional items. His latest work is a guitar made from second-hand iPhones.
  • The artist gains popularity over the internet, with over 16,000 subscribers on YouTube and 33,000 on Instagram.
  • The guitar made from phones is a masterpiece Apple-obsessed generations would pine over.

Art Mayer from Russia takes craftsmanship into a whole new level.

The artist posts videos featuring his creative process for his art pieces in his very own YouTube channel with over 16,000 subscribers and Copperguitars, his Instagram profile.

For his recent artwork, he decided to build a guitar using 107 iPhones purchased from second-hand stores and repair shops.

In making this guitar from cellphones, he glued them together in a mahogany-stained block after removing the motherboard, with the resulting block is about four phones thick.

Mayer opted for a Tele-style template for the body of the guitar and smoothed out phone edges in order for the guitar to fit the mold he had created. Guitar World further notes that that the artist included a Tele-style bridge, along with a pair of Fokin single-coil pickups

The guitar was a masterpiece Apple-obsessed generations would pine over.

Mayer told the magazine, “Surprisingly, iPhones really give a lot of high frequencies, despite the fact that the sustain block of the guitar is made of mahogany.”

This was not the first time the artist created a guitar using unconventional items. Mayer made a guitar from 36 noodle bags of ramen before. Now his work gains more popularity, with 33,000 new Instagram followers on top of the many users that subscribe to YouTube channel.

Whether the pieces by this artist are for sale is yet unclear, as ludicrous as some of them may appear, but one could only hope.

Source: Aol

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