Watch: Terrifying moment huge birds try to get pet dogs through apartment window


  • A video shows a pair of condors trying to get to one of a trio of poodles in Chile.
  • Around the world, wild animals have been seen wandering streets and towns with the absence of people due to the coronavirus lockdown.
  • Various news and photos of seagulls, deer, and coyote have been posted online.

In Chile, two condors were caught on video swooping onto a woman’s balcony to get to her three pups. The video was initially posted on TikTok by Gabriela Leonardi. The video showed Leonardi’s three French poodles barking excitedly at the pair of gigantic condors on the penthouse balcony. The glass kept the pups safe from the predators, though one tried to peck at the window. The video was later shared by Spanish media.

Leonardi is convinced that the birds only want to play with the dogs. She says the birds come to her balcony a lot, but even more frequently since the lockdown. It may also be because she leaves water and sometimes gives them scraps from her barbecue.

Though condors prefer eating carrion, the birds in the city are struggling to survive with people leaving the streets empty due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Wildlife has been taking advantage of the lack of people due to the coronavirus lockdown around the world.

In East London, deer were pictured catching some sun on the grassy area in front of a few houses.

Twitter users posted about spotting coyotes roaming the streets of San Francisco in the US.

Seagulls can be aggressive when it comes to food, and a colony of them were spotted preying on an elderly grocery shopper in Benidorm, Spain. Online, locals have claimed that with the town empty because of the lockdown, seagulls have attacked people going out for groceries. The birds’ usual food source has vanished with the closure of bars and restaurants.

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